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If there’s an antivirus out there that you’ve vaguely heard of but know little about, it’s probably Kaspersky. It gets into the news, it does big things that make headlines, but it also tends to fly a bit under the radar compared to some of the other big brands. That’s a pretty amazing feat considering Kaspersky started significantly later than most big antivirus companies and yet has climbed up to the fourth most popular option worldwide.

Kaspersky has done this by remaining ahead of the game at every turn, beating the competition by finding more innovative ways to detect and monitor the threats that could invade a business or personal computer. The company has managed to innovate its way into prominence, so if you are looking for a superior antivirus that you know will always be ahead of the game, you know it has to be Kaspersky.

Kaspersky History

While most antivirus companies had their start early in the PC days in the 1980s, Kaspersky wasn’t founded until 1997. The founders were Eugene Kaspersky, Natalya Kaspersky, and Alexey De-Monderik, which is obviously where the company gets its name from. While the company is younger, that doesn’t mean those in charge don’t have the experience. Eugene Kaspersky has been inventing antivirus software since 1989, and it has been his exceptional abilities that have led Kaspersky Lab into the spotlight.

The big break for the company came in 1998 when a virus was released that only Kaspersky Lab antivirus was able to remove. As Kaspersky has continued to take a larger and larger share of the antivirus market, the software has become so useful; even his competitors allegedly build some of their responses off of it. At this point, Kaspersky now has over 400 million customers worldwide and brings in more than $700 million in annual revenue, making it one of the largest software companies on the planet.

What Separates Kaspersky From the Competition

There are lots of antivirus products out there, and some of them have better recognition than Kaspersky. So, what keeps people exchanging their old antivirus choices for one that is less well known? The answer is in the results. Kaspersky has garnered numerous awards and been heaped with praise because it has been able to make those extra leaps early to make sure its software is always ahead of the latest threats.

While other antivirus software companies attempt to keep up, Kaspersky looks to break trends, get beyond the assumed limitations in the software, and break boundaries. That aggressive, protective focus is why Kaspersky has so quickly grown into a major player in the antivirus world.

Kaspersky Products

There are numerous Kaspersky products available, each one designed to meet a particular need from its customers. These products include internet security, password management, endpoint security, and other security services. These can be purchased for the individual or businesses, for a single device or multiple devices. Subscriptions can be for a year, two years, or more. While there are a large number of Kaspersky products, the one that has secured Kaspersky’s reputation, and the one that remains its crowning achievement is its antivirus.

What Kaspersky Antivirus Can Do for You

Kaspersky deserves a serious look for any computer user interested in serious security. The results (some of which have been highlighted above) speak for themselves. But, when it comes down to it, what exactly are you getting when you purchase Kaspersky antivirus? The following are some of the benefits users will enjoy when they make that purchase:

  • Safety from the threats that lurk all around you: The first thing any new user wants to hear when considering a new antivirus is that is going to do what it claims, or in other words, it’s going to keep a computer safe from any threats that might attack that computer. Kaspersky has proven in test after test that it is the best out there at finding and eliminating threats. In one such experiment, it scored a 99.2% detection rate, earning the software the highest rating possible. Kaspersky isn’t just limited to viruses either. It also protects against all other forms of malware, from spyware to ransomware, to trojan horses and worms.
  • Advanced capabilities all from a single, simple location: It’s a powerful tool, Kaspersky antivirus, and yet it can be run from a very straightforward window. Users will immediately see all the significant features right on the main screen, allowing them to scan, view reports, get updates, and more. The layout will enable users to have a no-stress encounter with their antivirus, and this no-stress focus extends to the set up for the antivirus, which is also very easy. There’s no extra technical knowledge required to protect your device successfully.
  • More tools than other antiviruses: Another thing that is very easy to find in the Kaspersky window is the More Tools button. This will open a vast menu of capabilities, from cloud protection to privacy clearer and disk rescue, that is often absent from many antivirus options. With Kaspersky, the antivirus lets you do more.
  • An efficient service that won’t drag your processor: Many prospective antivirus users fear to install the software because they worry it will slow down everything on their device. From a speedy click-and-open device, they worry it’ll lag over the slightest task. That’s not the case with Kaspersky, which is lightweight enough that it can run in the background without you even noticing a difference in device performance.
  • Perfect for any device: Kaspersky can work on your PC or your Mac, or you can run it on Linux. It’s a very flexible antivirus, making it easier to cover whatever devices you happen to be using. (Some subscriptions specify the use of PCs.)
  • A highly-rewarded antivirus: If you are skeptical about all the fancy promises from Kaspersky, don’t just trust our word, look at the awards that Kaspersky has earned. It regularly rates as the best or one of the best antivirus options out there by those who know what best looks like. The best computer magazines and websites that review antivirus options have reviewed Kaspersky, and they only have great things to say about it.