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Buy Symantec Antivirus from SaveOnIt

While most users will know the name “Norton” when it comes to antivirus protection, they may only vaguely recollect the other name that appears on the Norton antivirus box: Symantec. Symantec is a huge software company that provides all manner of software security solutions that cover every kind of device and form of access.

The reason Symantec has been able to dominate the computer protection market (and make no mistake, it very much does dominate that market) is that its solutions have been merely of a higher quality consistently for several decades. For as long as personal computers and networks have been looking for security against outside threats, there’s been Symantec. And for all that time, it has consistently been the best option for users of every sort.
If you’re looking for an antivirus that you know you can trust just by its name: Symantec is the place to start.

A Long History of Computer Protection Success

Of all the major antivirus brands, the oldest and best established is Symantec. This brand is so entrenched in the market; it owns the other brand you’ve probably heard of: Norton.

Symantec came into existence in 1982 with a focus on artificial intelligence. Throughout the ‘80s it grew and diversified. This diversification has led to a far more extensive scope for its programs and software solutions than rival antivirus sellers. In 1990, Symantec merged with Norton, which became its flagship antivirus title. Individual antivirus needs are still covered under the Norton name, although this is only one part of Symantec’s business.

Just how large has Symantec grown in its software presence? The business is now a Fortune 500 company, making it one of the largest businesses, let alone tech businesses, in the country and the world.
Its solutions remain the top choice for individuals, businesses, and networks.

Norton and More

While Norton is the most famous name attached to the Symantec portfolio, it is just one small piece of what Symantec offers regarding software solutions. It is now partial owner (formerly complete owner) of Veritas data management and has acquired all of the following: PC Tools, AppStream, MessageLabs, LiveOffice, Odyssey Software, Blue Coat Systems, and much more.

While many of these companies are not household names, their technological innovations have helped give Symantec a breadth of experience, capabilities, and focuses that are virtually unmatched elsewhere in the software world.

This lends every Symantec product an extra level of security since it is developed from such a vast set of resources. Those resources are why Symantec products are irreplaceable once an individual or business starts using them.

Symantec Products

Symantec has far more products available than you might think at first glance. The reason for that is that Symantec doesn’t always package its products under its name. Norton antivirus is, after all, sold under the Norton name first. And that choice is shared by many other Symantec products.

However, Symantec does still sell a significant number of products under the Symantec label. These include many different security-focused products that are available for different focuses. There are small business Symantec products, cloud-focused products, Office 365 security, email security, and much more.
All of these are very effective solutions, the product that really stands out among the Symantec line is Endpoint Security.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security has a very important duty that many more personally-focused antivirus software options neglect: server security. Because of Symantec’s far superior resources to other antivirus companies, Endpoint Security is vastly more powerful with far more expansive protection.

Those who use Endpoint Security will enjoy all of the following: