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Microsoft Excel 2019 for Mac Open Academic

Microsoft Excel 2019 for Mac Open Academic

Brand: Microsoft SKU: excel2019macacad
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Microsoft Excel 2019 for Mac Open Academic

  • For one user / one device

  • Easy installation

  • Works on Mac operating systems

  • Licensed for both Home and Commercial use

  • Fast delivery on your order


Microsoft Excel is a computer utility that is getting used to assemble and preserve spreadsheets, yet has numerous extra technical competencies as well. Among the numerous features, you may carry out almost all distinctive forms of calculations and equations, you could insert diverse graphs to visualise your statistics, and the pinnacle of it all, you have got access to a massive library of native functions that make it viable and fast for you to get things accomplished, without mandating a large chunk of your time and energy. It similarly gives clients the possibility to produce unique varieties of visuals, pivot tables and use the Visual Basic macro programming language for applications. Because of its large roaster equipped with virtually critical, easy-to-use capacities, Excel has turned out to be one of the most outstanding and widely used planning programs on several platforms which made it become an industry norm when it comes to the creation of spreadsheets over time. It is also a part of and can be bought via the Microsoft Office suite and as an impartial product.

Automated spreadsheet applications including Excel were at the start developed consistent with paper spreadsheets used for accounting. The fundamental format of these computerized spreadsheets is primarily based closely identical to the paper equivalent, even at the present time. The project document of Excel is actually known as a workbook, and you may create many distinctive and separate worksheets in only one workbook to preserve your efficient work as cohesive as feasible as possible. Information is saved in tables inside those worksheets, that is being partitioned into small square boxes dubbed cells and after get sorted into labelled horizontal rows and vertical columns that will help you plan through massive information fragments and undertake equations and plenty of other functions fast and without difficulty.

Because of the shared code of Microsoft among numerous systems together with Windows, Android and now even iOS, Office Suite programs have become effortlessly available to be used for your Mac system. This offers you the possibility to make a success of Excel 2019 for Mac, and improve your work productiveness, tempo and lengthy-time period sustainability of excessive high-quality results.

What can I use Excel for?

As expected from a tool mostly catering to the needs of serious business environments, most of the uses of Excel are related to professional tasks needed in corporate settings. Like mentioned above, Excel is now an industry standard application in pretty much every single office across the World, and this only means that Excel can provide you and your business with many capabilities.

Excel's core is all about numbers: you can perform even complicated calculations or speed up having to perform the same calculation over and over again by simply building a calculator within Excel by using integrated, easy to understand formulas. You can also utilise it for accounting needs such as planning a budget, making forecasts or tracking expenses and financial reports - you can even combine it with calculations and make a loan calculator, and the list only goes on. Microsoft does their best to cater to the needs of businesses, so Excel was designed with these needs in mind.

What is Open Academic?

This Microsoft Excel 2019 product also comes with Open Academic license. Microsoft describes this type of license as something most suitable for smaller educational establishments, as it is a flexible agreement that offers a better price over purchasing retail software, but also provides the satisfaction of a volume-based licensing agreement.



Modern design
Microsoft Excel for Mac 2019 has received a complete design overhaul that makes the software live up to the expectations of modern-day layouts when it comes to applications, especially on Mac systems, which are known for their clean and well put together designs. This new layout looks and functions pleasantly; the smoothly working design offers you a wonderful and enjoyable consumer experience. It absolutely helps the Retina display to fully function properly, and Mac users can additionally use the newly implemented full-screen display mode as well. Based off of the Windows equivalent, the Ribbon can be entirely custom designed for your very own requirements, making it less complicated or difficult to quickly pick out your most frequently used Excel gear and functions from the same place.

File tab
Whenever you start up a brand new document, you now have the ability to pick from an extensive library of pre-built and installed templates in Excel for Mac 2019, as well as the option of creating an ordinary blank worksheet to get the job done from scratch. Such templates cowl a broad variety of topics and unique designs, which include the ones for finance templates on your month-to-month salary, your circle of relatives' non-public budget or your corporation's budget. However, you can use templates for more than just money related activities like tracking your chores, and you may even use those templates to have charts conveniently available to your personal use as opposed to placing them one at a time yourself. This tab additionally gives a guided excursion "Welcome to Excel" when you want to acquire assist immediately from the software.

Touch bar support
Entirely specific to Mac, office programs now additionally completely support the touch bar included within the modern-day era of MacBooks. It surely allows you to further perform diverse functions by means of using the touch bar only and its efficient and powerful workarounds for core features including the use of copying, cutting and pasting, and much more. Additionally, in Excel, you could pick colourations for textual content and cells from the Mac touch bar, swiftly embed components including graphs, text or charts and maybe even tweak them right away simply from the touch bar.

New functions
Microsoft has established their brand with Excel, and nowadays it's impossible to think of a new release of the application that is left without newly developed functions. Excel 2019 for Mac is no different, as it received quite some new and unique, beneficial functions that can help you accelerate your speed while working, and make your experience with the software more pleasant. Excel 2019 for Mac is now capable of supplying you and your work with more than ever, as native functions have been expanded with 6 new functions. Some of these functions are merely improved versions of some functions which previously already existed within Excel, however, there are new ones available to individuals to boost productiveness and make it less difficult and time consuming to get work done within Excel, even if you're working with huge databases that would otherwise require a lot of time and expert attention.

CONCAT function: This new function is like the already existing CONCATENATE, but even better. To begin with, it is shorter and less difficult to write. However, it additionally supports range references, as well as to cellular references.

IFS function: Bored of typing complex, nested IF functions? The IFS function is your answer. With this function, conditions are examined in the order which you specify. If exceeded, the end result is returned. you may additionally specify an else "catch all" if not one of the conditions is met.

MAXIFS function: This function returns the biggest number in a range that meets one or more than one criteria.

MINIFS function: This function is just like MAXIFS, however, it returns the smallest number in a range, that meets a single or more than one criteria.

SWITCH function: This function tries to match an expression you specified against a given list of values. It goes in order, and once it finds the first matching result, it returns that to you. If it can not find any results that match the criteria, the "else" is returned instead.

TEXTJOIN function: This function works from multiple ranges and combines text from them. Each item is divided by a delimiter that you can specify for the function.

New charts
New charts had been brought to Excel, under the names Map charts and Funnel charts. The Map chart is very self-explanatory, you are able to create a chart that displays categories and volumes all through geographical places which include international locations, states, counties or even postal codes. The Funner charts indicate values for the duration of more than one process levels. due to the fact the values lower or move up as time passes, the bars of your statistics starts to resemble a funnel, which explains the name of this chart type.

Precision selecting
If you've selected too many cells or accidentally selected one you weren't aiming for, you can now deselect extraneous cells without having to start the selection itself over. Pressing the Cmd key, you can click or click-and-drag cells or ranges within a selection.

Filters for timeline
To view your PivotTable data across various time ranges such as years, quarters, months or even days, you can easily filter the data in your table with a timeline filter, and select the date range you want to take a look at.

Excel 2019 introduces a feature to locate accessibility problems within your file and propose adjustments with a view to make sure that your work is without difficulty readable and editable for those who may have a hard time perceiving it without additional aid or have disabilities that hinder with their ability to form complete appreciation of your work and perceiving your document. With the Accessibility Checker, you could overview those pointers and enforce them into your document in a single click.

Microsoft introduces a SmartArt function to offer further first-rate, highly customizable pre-made elements to customers. Such assets now consist of mixes of shapes that resemble varieties of things. We have lists, process charts to show how one thing goes to another, cycle charts and hierarchy charts which can be used to show how one item relates to different items, as well as specifically relationship charts, matrixes and pyramids. All of these categories contain numerous different kinds of SmartArt graphics which you can apply freely in case you need to insert them right from Excel for Mac 2019 without either having to download any similar items or create these charts yourself. All SmartArt can be fully customised by means of changing colour, applying styles or changing the orientation of your items, resizing and dragging the chart or formatting the information text.

Ink improvements
There have been numerous improvements to Microsoft's programs and inking. A cutting-edge, customisable set of digital pens, pencils and highlighters were implemented to help you draw out your ideas or highlight additives of your projects. there is an Excel-specific feature known as Ink Equation, which allows you to put in written math equations thru hand and have it added into your workbook. You could moreover apply effects for your ink to make it stand out more, or the opposite, be more subtle. Additionally, you can convert your ink drawings into shapes and use an on hand feature called Ink Replay to rewind and play how your inking became its completed form, permitting you to share the flow and process of it with others.

Enhanced visuals
You can without trouble insert icons and Scalable Vector graphics (SVG) files into your worksheets. Whilst choosing to insert these type of icons, you are given access to select and pick out from Microsoft's supplied library of skillfully made icons in more than 25 different categories. You can select multiple icons to insert all at once, and as soon as your icons are inside your worksheet you are given the functionality to edit them in numerous approaches via resizing, rotating, changing colourations and utilising several unique visual effects.


  • Computer and processor: Intel processor

  • Memory: 4 GB RAM

  • Hard disk: 10 GB of available disk space. HFS+ hard disk format (also known as macOS Extended or APFS)

  • Display: 1280 x 800 screen resolution

  • Graphics: No graphics requirements

  • Operating system: One of the three most recent versions of macOS

Other requirements

  • The current version of Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, or Firefox.

  • Some features may require .NET 3.5 or 4.6 and higher to also be installed.

  • Internet functionality requires an Internet connection. Fees may apply.

  • A touch-enabled device is required to use any multi-touch functionality. But, all features and functionality are always available by using a keyboard, mouse, or other standard or accessible input device. Note that touch features are optimized for use with Windows 10.

  • Product functionality and graphics may vary based on your system configuration. Some features may require additional or advanced hardware or server connectivity.

  • Cloud file management features require OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, or SharePoint.

  • Microsoft account or Microsoft organizational account required for license assignment.

How long does it take to receive my order?

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What is a digital download and how does it work?

A digital download is an electronic version of your software product, giving you access to download and use your new software immediately. This means that a physical CD or DVD disc is not included with your purchase. The software install program is downloaded through cloud-based storage.

What are retail software products?

Retail software products are the same physical items you would purchase at your local software stores. They are packaged for retail sale and usually include the original box, physical CD or DVD disk(s), a manual, the paper license agreement, and an Activation Key/Code. Similar to OEM software, a Retail Product is licensed for use on one computer only.

Can I buy a single-use license software and install on multiple computers

Retail Product and OEM software licenses are designed to install and activate on one computer only, unless otherwise specified.

How long does a genuine software license last?

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Can I update my software over the Internet?

Since these are genuine Microsoft products, you will be able to obtain regular updates from Microsoft using an Internet connection

Is it possible to upgrade Windows Vista to Windows 7, 8 or 10?

Absolutely, you can upgrade Windows Vista to a more recent Microsoft Windows edition. However, this process will require a 'Clean' or 'Parallel Installation', followed by selecting a “Custom-Install” process. Please refer to your machine's hardware specification for more information on installation.