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Microsoft Office for PC has been the leading office suite for PC users since its introduction back in 1990. Before that, there was Microsoft Word, which was released in 1983, Excel, released in 1985, and PowerPoint, released in 1987. Microsoft Office for PC brought together those core programs and has developed a loyal following since. Now with over a billion users worldwide, Office for PC remains the leading office suite. With the release of Office for PC 2019, Microsoft’s office suite continues to gain popularity and stands above the rest in productivity and performance.

What’s in Office for PC?

There are several editions of Office for PC. What’s in Office for PC really depends on which edition of Office you buy. You can get Microsoft Office for PC in the following versions; Home and Student, Home and Business, Professional, and Professional Plus. The edition suitable for most consumers, students, teachers, and creatives is the Home and Student edition. Home and Business is great for small businesses. The Professional and Professional plus editions are aimed at the big business/corporation market. All of these editions include the core programs, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. OneNote is included in later editions. Business versions include Outlook, Access, Publisher, and later versions include Skype for Business.

While you can still get older versions of Office for PC, Microsoft has officially stopped issuing updates for many of them. Mainstream support for Office 2016 will end in 2025. If you want a standalone local version of Office for PC, Office 2019, the latest version is your best bet. Office 2019 comes in the same editions as above and incorporates many of the features that Office 365 Pro users have seen over the previous three years.

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Microsoft Word for PC

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Take your writing projects from concept to completion with new tools in Word 2019. Use natural formatting tools to create impressive documents. Open and edit PDF files. Keep your writing easy and stress free with Word in Office for PC. The newest version of Word includes new inking features (tilt, roaming pencil case, and sensitivity), focus mode to let you accomplish more without distraction, and advanced research and co-authoring features, including real-time commenting while multiple users edit the same document.

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Microsoft Excel for PC

Now you can see data in context, which allows you to make better decisions. Excel learns your patterns while you work, auto-completes new data, and does the complex analyses for you. New charts and graphics let you view and present data in more appealing ways. You can apply formatting, sparklines, charts, and tables with one a simple click of the mouse, making this one of the easiest, most intuitive versions of Excel yet. There’s no better way to manage data than with Excel.

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Microsoft PowerPoint for PC

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Give your presentations the polish they deserve. With PowerPoint, you can create, collaborate, and present ideas with new slide transitions and an improved Animations task pane. Maximize the visual impact of your presentations with PowerPoint’s design options, including Morph, which creates fluid, cinematic motion in two easy steps, professional transitions, and real time co-authoring. Tons of new graphic options, a Presenter mode for managing your presentations better (view upcoming slides and notes while your audience sees the presentation), and features for creating super detailed and appealing presentations.

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Microsoft OneNote for PC

Organize notes with notebooks, sections, and pages. Search your handwritten notes and images to find what you need. Type, write, draw, and save all your references in one convenient place, then share your notebook with classmates. There’s no better way to take notes than with OneNote. You can save web links, written notes, audio and graphic files, organize them, and reference them easily.

Office for PC is a great set of productivity apps. Microsoft has given us a variety of editions to ensure customers can get the apps they need without spending more money than they have to. If you are a casual home user or student, you probably don’t need some of the more advanced apps and features businesses do. This means you can save yourself money and get the core apps Office for PC is known for.

Access is a database program meant for big business information management. Publisher is desktop publishing software that allows for professional creation of in-house newsletters, flyers, advertisements, training materials, etc. Word is quite capable of handling a lot of the same tasks you can perform with Publisher. In fact, the newest version of Word is pretty powerful. It lacks the precision layout tools, but for simple desktop publishing tasks, it will work for most people.

If you’re looking for a powerful productivity suite, Office for PC is and always have been the best office suite for any job in any sector. You get the tools and the applications you need to handle document creation, professional presentation creation, and the ability to manage complex data. You can work faster, easier, and more productively with Office for PC. Whether you want to use Home and Student, Home and Business, or Professional, Office for PC has all the tools you need.

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