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Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft Office 2016

Buy Microsoft Office 2016 from SaveOnIt

As one of the most popular software products on the planet, Microsoft Office—and the latest edition released, Microsoft Office 2016—really doesn’t need much introduction. The programs included in this suite can each be listed off with a single word that brings forward associations of efficiency and success: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook.

And that’s just the beginning. With the 2016 edition, users will get brand new capabilities that allow for more productivity, no matter what the individual user needs the programs for.

What Is Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office is a set of programs that is designed to provide for all the essential needs of the user for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, note taking, email, and more. Each program is tailored to a specific document type, specializing in providing all the tools necessary to meet all user needs, while being easy to navigate. These programs then, in turn, work effectively together, allowing data to be shared between documents and document types easily.

With Microsoft Office, users can get in one purchase all the programs and solutions necessary for their studies, business, or personal computer usage.

Why People Prefer Microsoft Office

There are plenty of alternatives to the programs found in Microsoft Office. There are, for instance, perhaps hundreds of options to substitute for Microsoft Word for users who need a word processor. The reason users return over and over again to Microsoft Office, however, is because they know they are getting a quality product with every purchase.

While there are substitutes for Word, there are no substitutes for Microsoft’s ability to bring together all the latest features in a simple format that any user can use. No other program is able to provide the kind of long-standing quality and stability that has helped make Microsoft Word’s reputation.

At the same time, few programs are able to work in such perfect concert with other related programs as Word is with Excel, PowerPoint, and others. In other words, while programs may try to present themselves as alternatives to Office programs, there really is no substitute.

What’s New in Microsoft Office 2016

While it should be clear by now that Microsoft Office is a must have for every user, it may need pointing out why users might prefer the 2016 edition over previous editions.

The answer is in the features found in this and the section below.

To begin with, Microsoft Office 2016 includes a new and improved ribbon, which better organizes the tools in each program so that they are quick and easy to access. In addition to this organization, the ribbon now includes a Tell Me feature, where users can type in a tool they want, leaving it to the program to find that tool for them, thus saving time.

Another major development is the further integration of all Office programs with OneDrive, so that documents can be saved and accessed anywhere. This cloud-based ability is further improved with Office Online, which allows users to access every Office program through the browser, so that users are no longer tied down to one device when developing, editing, and accessing their documents.

What’s New in Microsoft Office 2016 Programs

Beyond these major upgrades in Microsoft Office 2016, every Office program receive significant improvements. These are laid out below for each program.

Microsoft Word 2016

As the most famous Office program, Microsoft Word always receives the most attention with each new release. The 2016 version comes with the kind of upgrades expected of the all-star program of the suite.

Word now has an advanced collaboration tool that makes it possible for multiple users to work together in real-time to develop documents. Not only can users write text at the same time, they can also edit and discuss changes, all within the Word document.

Other improvements include the ability to search through other documents and online to find out more information about text within the document. This Smart Lookup feature makes it possible to get your research and fact-checking done automatically for you without having to ever click away from Word.

Microsoft Excel 2016

Just as Word sees major upgrades, so does the second most popular Office program, Excel. With Excel, there are now new charts to use for your data, including sunburst and waterfall charts. Meanwhile, some major business intelligence features are also included, which allow you to bring in data from outside sources for more analysis.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

PowerPoint, like Word, enjoys the new collaborative features of the 2016 edition, which makes it possible now to build your presentations with other users, a great tool for students or business colleagues. There are also new transitions to work with and the ability to broadcast presentations, so that it’s easier to get important information out there for all users.

Microsoft Outlook 2016

While all of the above programs are often the first to come to mind for the average Office user, for those who use Office for business, perhaps the most important and most useful program on offer is Microsoft Outlook.

In 2016, Outlook has become even more necessary to workers who want to maximize their productivity and efficiency when it comes to their communications. There’s a new way to send quick messages to colleagues through a tool called Mentions. This allows users to simply place an @ symbol before a name and send a message quickly.

Then, users are able to make sure they don’t miss events or meetings through Reminders, which actually pop up in front of all windows to make sure an upcoming moment isn’t missed.

The inbox itself also sees some major improvements, including the addition of the first line of emails to the inbox display so users are better able to know what an email is about. There is also a new Clutter view which reorganizes messages so that those that have the highest priority and relevance come first, while all messages that can wait are set below.

Microsoft OneNote 2016

While this program is perhaps less famous than the ones listed above it, it is as useful as any, particularly for students or for those who work in businesses that are meeting-heavy.

OneNote n 2016 goes far beyond most note-taking programs by allowing for different types of media to exist side-by-side in a notepad. Note takers can use text, handwriting, drawings, images, videos, and sound clips to create a tapestry of information that echoes how the information was received.

No extra work is required converting information to a format that fits in the notes. Just add information as it comes to you, and have it all organized for review later.

Other Microsoft Office 2016 Programs

While the above programs summarize those that are the most popular and the ones available in the most packages, Microsoft Office has a far more extensive set of offerings. Available in many of the more advanced Office suites (see more on this below), users will find Publisher and Access. Publisher allows users to develop professional-quality publication material. Access provides all the advanced database requirements for most homes and small businesses, allowing for more extensive data collection, calculation, and analysis than is available in Excel. Both Publisher and Access see significant improvements in the 2016 edition.

Also available in some Office suites is SharePoint, which makes it possible to more effectively store and share information and documents. It’s a particularly useful tool for enhancing business collaboration.

A final program that comes in some suites is Skype for Business, which works much like the Skype you may already know (with text, voice, and video messaging options), but with far more advanced business tools).

Microsoft Office 2016 Suite Options

When choosing the Microsoft Office 2016 suite that is right for you, it’s important to know something about what you are getting. Use the descriptions below to narrow down your options to the perfect choice.

Mac vs. PC

Before choosing a particular suite, decide whether you’ll be working from a Mac or a PC. While the programs available in the 2016 edition work and look very similar, you’ll need to choose a suite for one or the other to make sure it works properly.

After you have made this decision, choose which programs you want based on those highlighted below.

Home & Student

This is the most basic Office suite available. It’s designed for use by students and within the home (as the name very helpfully suggests). The programs found in this suite include Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft OneNote.

Home & Business

A step up from Home & Student, the major difference in Home & Business is the inclusion of Microsoft Outlook, which adds a business communications element to the suite. Home & Business is ideal for those who work from home, freelancers, and small businesses.


For those looking for more for their personal or small business needs, Professional provides everything found in Home & Business and then adds Access and Publisher to the suite. This is perfect for those with slightly more advanced business requirements on the database and design level.

This is only available for PCs.

Professional Plus

Professional Plus is meant for larger businesses with larger business needs. It comes with everything found in Professional, plus Skype for Business.

This suite is only available for PCs.

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