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Powerful Database Management for Any Situation

The premier database management software from Microsoft Office, Access gives users quick results with large datasets automatically; no coding required. Whether used completely in-application or as a front-end link to more powerful database management systems like an SQL Server setup. With user-friendly functions, flexibility is a significant highlight. With less coding knowledge required, users can undergo a few hours of training and be able to manage databases in no time. So unless you have incredibly large databases based on servers, there’s no need to train system administrations for server maintenance.

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Data is important, but knowing how to use and analyze that data is important. Customizable apps allow you to use your data to the specific needs of your business and customers. Preloaded templates help with getting started, whether it might recording invoices or managing an email database for marketing campaigns.

Being part of the Microsoft Office family of products, Access communicates with other Office applications. You can import data from Excel, then export your results from Access to Word. This seamless integration gives you unlimited options for managing your data findings and presenting them to an audience.

With OneDrive and SharePoint compatibility, you’ll be able to store backups and previous versions in the Cloud. Cloud storage on these Microsoft based options also gives your data heightened security. Of course with having your data stored in the Cloud gives you access options, allowing you to share your databases with other users.

With helpful wizards that allow users to run specific custom applications, you can granularly set research variables to know what your data means and get accurate results. Once your business evolves past the parameters set by the wizard, users can go in to fine-tune and update applications with usage of the VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) code language. While there might be a steep learning curve for some users, the benefits of understanding VBA to create and fine-tune applications is not to be underestimated.

What Is Access?

Microsoft Access at its core is a database that includes commands and functions within the application. While not as popular as other Microsoft Office products, its usefulness is unparalleled for small businesses to larger corporate enterprises. This database management system has been part of the broader Microsoft Office suite since 1995, and for over 20 years businesses have relied on Access to keep useful data secure, organized, and free from as much bad data as possible.

Access gives users better storage and function options in running more detailed reports using much more data with multiple variables. Organization is also much more streamlined and practical while keeping performance potential at a high level. Its ability to run queries and customize commands without having to start over is necessary for getting accurate data fast so that you can be confident with your next move.

Why Access? Why not a Spreadsheet Software?

You might be thinking “Excel seems a lot easier to use.” Depending on what you are needing, you may be right. Think about the data you have and what you need from it. Are you dealing with data that might be harder to keep track of yourself? Many businesses also need specific data results and reporting based on industry or demand that spreadsheet applications cannot provide. You may need a database that’s easy and fast to use that pulls customer information up in a flash, instead of trolling through an entire spreadsheet book to find a record.

A huge advantage that Microsoft Access has over other similar programs is its organizational capabilities. Having large quantities of data is good, but if it is in a jumbled mess, how will you be able to find or use it? With Access, you can categorize data, group and assign documents to a record, and ensure your information is presented uniformly and laid out intuitively. You may need to pull up and order, but you forgot the order number. If you know the customer name, you can look at their record and see every order they’ve made. This joining of data allows users to quickly find information from multiple approaches, saving you time in the long run.

Much like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access shines with VBA and Macros usage. Unlike Excel, however, Access separates VBA applications and Macros functions into two separate categories. Macros get the basics done for you with powerful Wizard tools to allow fast and simple set up. If you need further performance and functionality, you can bring in the closer and use VBA to fine-tune your queries and functions. Be warned, however, that unskilled usage of VBA code application from an unknown source runs many security risks, so its advised to stick to the Macros wizards until your confident in your VBA knowledge. VBAs shouldn’t be overlooked or passed on to someone else. It has some powerful abilities, like being able to run Microsoft Excel through Microsoft Access or make operational changes to each file rather than the entire record or group of files.

Which Version is Right for Me?

There are two versions of Microsoft Access available. There’s the 2013 version, an industry standard still widely used today and the 2016 version including universal Microsoft Office updates and other app-specific additions.

Microsoft Access 2013

This edition is preferred by many businesses and enterprises for its database management functionality. From keeping records of invoices, orders and shipments, to patient or customer records you can store and manage any data usage you have. A small but immensely helpful new feature to Microsoft Access 2013 is a built-in search and filter function. Instead of having to use Macros or VBA to code as with previous versions, Microsoft Office has done the legwork for you, adding it automatically to each list in your dataset. This makes it fast and easy to find data.

Another code eliminating update is enhanced navigation functions that give you options to hide or show associated workbooks or tabs to keep your workspace clean and to run smoothly. No more need to write this command out, as it is done automatically. While Microsoft Access could always be used as a front-end tool for SQL Server databases, the transition was tricky and unforgiving. WIth improved compatibility due to the new ACE engine, the communication between application and server operates in a much smoother, easier-to-use fashion than previous additions.

Microsoft Access also improves on its communication to servers and external databases with cloud-based functionality. Now you can run applications on web-based datasets to run reports and other functions from Access with an SQL Server or Web-Based application. Those who like the VBA and Macros customization options from Microsoft Access may groan over this new design update, but those without those skills rejoice. No longer will you have to think about user interface design aspects as Microsoft has made it uniform, improving performance and business applications. It may not look as pretty, but it dramatically improves its accessibility factor.

The properties pop-up option is excellent for formatting, where you can hover the mouse over an item and get properties options immediately. No more scrolling through countless menus to make a small aesthetic change. If you are looking for the cheapest price on Microsoft Access 2013 online, buy it now from SaveOnIt and save. We have Access 2013 available for instant download, and we guarantee that no one will have it for a lower price than we do.

Microsoft Access 2016

The latest edition gets some uniform Microsoft Office updates, like a fresher ribbon design and a few “theme” options that may mimic themes from your other Microsoft Office suite programs. A feature of other Microsoft Office 2016 products, Tell Me is an excellent option for Access specifically, since users are not a familiar with this program compared to other Office apps. You can now search for specific commands in the “Tell Me What You Want To Do” search bar in the ribbon, saving times navigating through menus and options.

Linking data between Access and Excel is a common occurrence, and these two Microsoft Office products have enhanced data linkage and export options. You can connect Access between the two and run Excel without ever having to leave the application. The most popular templates in Microsoft Access get refreshed updates as well. They have a more intuitive, smoother feel, and are easier on the eyes. These upgraded templates include Asset Tracking, Contacts, Event Management, Students (a popular option for Educational Institutions or Businesses), and Task Management.

A few dialogue options have been expanded for the 2016 edition of Access. This allows users to add more queries and search functions in the navigation pane without having to scroll up and down to find a command. These more extended dialogue options are available in the queries and relationship windows. Want an instant download of Microsoft Access 2016? Want to buy Access for cheap? Get your copy from SaveOnIt and get it instantly for the lowest price available anywhere.

Buy Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is a robust database management system that on the surface has tons of applications, but has more in-depth capabilities and functions that showcase its potential. Powerful applications that you can code or set up via a wizard make finding, and running data reports a breeze. Save on costs by eliminating IT contracts to set up and manage databases by using Access. Skip the process of having to contact them with any minute updates by doing through Access itself.

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