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Buy Microsoft Excel from SaveOnIt

Microsoft Excel is so much more than a spreadsheet. While its spreadsheet functionality cannot be beaten, the potential for usage goes on and on. From Pivot Tables to Macros and Functions, there almost isn’t a business intelligence situation out there that Microsoft Excel cannot master. These robust applications allow users to not only create contact lists, useful charts, or small databases but to create graphical representations of data and use functions to solve arithmetic, statistical, and engineering equations.

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For over 20 years, Microsoft Excel has been the leading spreadsheet software, mainly for uses beyond its namesake. Although Excel can create a simple accounting spreadsheet that may show credits and debits, its usage does not end there. Users can generate customer databases, for example, an email list containing an email address, name, age, address, and sex. Users can then go on and sort that data based off of recorded data such as age, and create a targeted contact list for an email campaign. Much like Microsoft Word, Excel has such significant impact, that the .xls file name has become the standard when speaking about any data sheet.

Of course, many buy Microsoft Excel for its ability to run calculations, known on the app as “functions.” Functions can do simple arithmetic, like sum up purchases for a reimbursement invoice, or creating a budget. But the arithmetic functions only scratch the surface. More advanced features can help run financial models that factor in rates and ratios or filter off specific scenarios in addition to using the function. Other functions, such as lookup, help users quickly navigate through more massive databases. Of course, being able to convey this data to other employees, customers, or investors is crucial. Microsoft Excel allows customization in appearance, format, and text, allowing you to use your data in the most effective manner.

Much like other Microsoft Office products, Microsoft Excel boasts a simple yet effective interface that optimizes for basic usage. A deeper understanding of features such as functions, macros, and pivot tables unlocks exponentially more potential. With a more than surface level knowledge, users can do powerful functions beyond the basic uses. It is no wonder then, that alongside Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word that Excel is one of the flagship applications of the Microsoft office suite.

Why Buy Excel?

Microsoft Excel, despite all of its high-performance features and content, can seem daunting to new users at home. Luckily, essential functions are still intuitive and easy to use with the standard Microsoft Office toolbars, and graphical modifications are quick and seamless. Perfect for a family budget or managing other family finances, usages for Microsoft Excel are almost limitless. You can also add some appeal to your tables with options to shade or color rows and columns, making it easy to read for everyone.

For anyone running a small business to a large enterprise, Microsoft Excel is essential for storing and tracking your data. Whether you have 5 or 50 employees, you will have a program to store, track, and analyze all of your data. You get access to powerful data analysis tools like Pivot Tables, allowing you to combine and customize data from reports, such as tracking sales of specific products by individual sales representatives, then display it in a streamlined and easy to view format. These can even be used for the home budget, for example, analyzing your checkbook data and presenting expenses by category.

Charts and graphs are vital in communicating data to employees, consumers, or investors. Being able to represent data to present in an understandable format graphically is crucial to keep businesses running, and Microsoft Excel prides itself in converting data to usable graphs and charts. Whether you might need a simple pie chart to look at expense percentages, or a bar graph to show trends over the years, you will have the potential to create whatever graphic representation of your data at your fingertips.

Functions and their importance are already a well-known feature, but the ability to calculate almost any statistical situation brings considerable benefits to functionality. Whether it’s tracking interest growth rates, finding percentages, or highlighting trends, there will more likely than not, be a function that will serve your purpose. Functions work like a basic math equation, where the user highlights the areas to be calculated and enters in the function. It is a useful tool when you need basic arithmetic, finding averages, or more complex functions that have use multiple variables. While many of these functions may not be readily available to the new user, there are tons of resources online from Microsoft and other websites.

Microsoft Excel also boasts another trait unique to the Microsoft Office family of products. Macros are run by VBA or Visual Basic for Applications. VBA is a code based language that allows users to create shortcuts, add security settings, or create rules when importing and exporting. Thankfully, your coding experience does not need to be high to create a few favorite shortcuts, such as keyboard commands that do multiple functions. Microsoft helps with providing a wizard to help you get where to need. One might use the delete key to clear the contents of a cell, with Macros, however, you could combine that delete function with a formatting function to make uniform changes without having to waste time in the toolbar. Macros, however, excel mostly in rule settings and this comes in handy when importing text files or other spreadsheets. Macros, based on your commands, can sift through multiple documents, eliminating repeated data, combining relevant data, formatting cohesion, etc. Let’s say you need to consolidate last year’s customer database with a newer updated one. You can write macros to combine the two spreadsheets into one, instantly replacing repeated data, while keeping older unique data still intact. This is an enormous time saver, letting you continue to press on to more important matters.

What’s New for Excel 2016?

Tell Me, a newer feature and a significant benefit when looking to purchase any Microsoft Office product, allows users to say or type what function or command they are looking for and the application pulls it up immediately. Great for users who are unfamiliar with Microsoft Excel, or someone who may be used to the layout of an older edition can easily find what they are needing.

A great data analysis add-on, Microsoft Excel now features forecasting prediction models that can be used with just a click of the mouse. Granted there is enough data to calculate, Excel and forecast anything with a timestamp or age association and even identify trends based on quarters or seasons. So if your business does historically well in Q4, but may lag in Q2, the algorithm will pick up on that and adjust forecasting models accordingly. This saves the users a lot of time and a lot of headaches by doing the calculations much quicker.

We’ve already discussed how vital Pivot Tables can be, and they were not overlooked with the 2016 update. Now in Microsoft Excel, you can automatically group dates into years, quarters, or months. In the past, this had to be done manually and could be a frustrating usage of time. With this update, you can do it instantly and get even more granular if needed.

In this 2016 edition of Microsoft Excel, we also see an addition of new charts. Something that users have long waited for, the 2016 version adds six new chart types, such as histograms, sunburst charts, and 3D data maps. These new refreshed models add eye-popping features that heighten the aesthetic quality.

Users have lauded the option to download outside datasets into Microsoft Excel for years, and this also gets an update. The new Get & Transform feature assists users in importing data from multiple locations or data sources. Say you’re introducing reports from SalesForce and comparing it with Facebook user data to determine if Facebook usage is bringing in sales. You can import both datasets into Microsoft Excel and have your results tidy and organized immediately with the Get & Transform function. Some users might find this much more intuitive than going in and writing macros commands.

With all these new features, Excel 2016 is a great application for home and for business. SaveOnIt has the cheapest price on Excel 2016 anywhere, so buy from us and save today.

Buy Microsoft Excel and Download Instantly

Many users are already familiar with Microsoft Excel, and the reasons are apparent. With functions, data compatibility, and reporting tools users can accurately use and store the data they need. While not every application may be suited for this powerful Microsoft Office program, many users find Excel is perfect for their needs without the need to graduate to a more extensive database management system such as Microsoft Access.

Excel allows users to gather data together and compile it into graphs to communicate ideas and findings based on data. With the options to share and upload data into other applications, or retrieve data from other sources, you will be hard-pressed to find a data situation where Excel cannot be of assistance. From simple bookkeeping for accountants to compiling sales reports for quarterly reviews, Microsoft Excel can serve any need you or your business might have.

When you buy your copy of Microsoft Excel from SaveOnIt, you are getting authentic software at the very best price online. Need help with installation? Our experts are standing by to walk you through the process. Buy from us and find out why we are the best vendor for all of your Microsoft software needs.