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Microsoft Word Buyer's Guide

Microsoft Word is the leading word processor in the world. Sure, Mac users have their own Pages, but most of the Mac users prefer to use Word for Mac. Then, of course, you have Google Docs, which has pushed to be stiff competition for Microsoft. As popular as Google Docs is, mostly because there isn’t a price tag involved, it still hasn’t overshadowed Microsoft Word. It works well for many users, but in the end, people still love their Microsoft Word.

Word is one of the core products in Microsoft Office, along with PowerPoint and Excel. These products, along with other Office products, are offered individually as well. There are about 16 versions of Microsoft Word, but most of those, of course, are off the table for anything but the most primitive of computers. There are, however, still a few holdouts that haven’t let go of their Word 97 or Word 2007 versions. For some people, having the latest and greatest features and tools just isn’t necessary. These are the same people still running WIndows 95 and telling us it does everything they need it to do. This might be a bit of an exaggeration, but there are surely people still using extremely old versions of Word on computers that need to be replaced with newer models.

While most of the older versions of Word are outdated, some of them still handle basic word-processing tasks without a problem If you’re still using Word 2016, Word 2013, or even Word 2010, there’s a good chance you’re happy with the performance and don’t feel the need to change it up. Word 2019, which is the most current version of Word, brings a whole new range of features, tools, and improvements to Word. The one downside is that it will only run on the Windows 10 operating system. If you don’t have Windows 10 and you have no intention of upgrading, you won’t be able to take advantage of the great new features of Word 2019.

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Here are a few new things in Word 2019

  • Better collaboration
  • Improved research
  • Improved inking
  • New graphics and templates
  • Advanced functionality

Even if you are using Word 2016, the upgrade to Word 2019 is well worth it if you can afford to do it and you have Windows 10. It truly is a big update. Word 2019 incorporates most of the features and additions to Office 365 Pro from the previous three years. If you aren’t ready to upgrade or not using Windows 10 and not willing to switch operating systems, Word 2016 can, and will, continue to give you a great deal of word-processing power. Word 2016 even has the feel of a desktop publishing application, with features that let you create professional documents from conception to completion. You can write, edit, and publish documents that are print ready with Word 2016. This is probably why many people who use it don’t feel the need to upgrade. For those loyal Word 2016 users, there isn’t a need to upgrade.

You will be missing out on some great features if you skip the 2019 version of Word. New inking features, improved support for touch devices, superior research tools, and advanced collaboration that lets multiple users work and comment in real-time on a single document simultaneously are just some of the worthy additions to Word 2019.

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Whatever Version of Word You Use

Microsoft Word, as far as all of the basic features of a dedicated word processor, hasn’t changed much at all over the decades. You could open Word 1.0, Word 95, Word 2000, or any of the other versions of Word, and you’d be able to type a great document using all of the basic features essential to a word processor. The user interfaces would vary, of course, with the ribbon and pre-ribbon versions, layout, etc, but anyone who has ever used Word would have no trouble quickly creating a great document. Additional features have been added through the years, the functionality has evolved and improved, but the basics of every version of Word remain the same. This is why so many users cling to their favorite version of Word.

Benefits of Upgrading to Word 2019

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There are always benefits of upgrading to the latest version of a Microsoft product when there are actual changes. Throughout history, there have been many releases of Office and Word that didn’t really bring a lot of new features or functionality to the table. With Word 2019, there are many updates that make the upgrade worthwhile. If you’re on the fence about upgrading, think about this. Word has improved immensely since even version 2016. Older versions of Word are no longer supported by Microsoft, and while they do work, they lack new features, functionality, and support. New features available let you take any project to the next level. Microsoft Word 2019 is absolutely the best word processing software on the market, with new features that give you desktop publishing power.

There isn’t a better option for business owners, students, or casual home users. Microsoft Office 2019, and Word 2019 in particular, delivers a brand-new experience all the way around in every way. New features and tools, better performance, and expanded capabilities make Microsoft Word 2019 the choice for anybody who wants the best, most advanced word processing power money can buy.

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