Microsoft Visio 2010 Standard

Microsoft Visio 2010 Standard
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Microsoft Visio Standard 2010

Whether you’re a business owner or just organizing some projects, it helps to have everything diagrammed. You need to have everyone on your team on the same page, and the professional diagramming tools that Microsoft Visio Standard 2010 offers are perfect. They can keep everything organized in one place but let’s take a look at what you can expect before you buy.


Microsoft Visio Standard 2010 is specifically meant for diagramming. It offers intuitive tools that work with you so you can see the entire picture you’re trying to present. Complex ideas are no longer difficult to put down on paper and are easier to explain effectively to large groups of people. That means that you don’t have to spend as much time or effort to prepare your team. On top of that, the pre-drawn shape templates make it easy for you to put everything together.


Before you run out and grab Visio 2010, you’ve got to know the features it comes with. Let’s go through exactly what you should expect.

Jump Start Diagramming
This software is meant specifically for diagramming, making use of professional level tools. Use it for IT, business, process management, and more modern pre-drawn shapes. There are even intuitive templates included in the Visio 2010 Backstage view, and more shapes to choose from on any project.

Easy Access With Ribbon
Every step of your diagramming process has been streamlined. You’ve got features grouped in the Ribbon tabs and an enhanced Shapes window for easy shape access too. The new status bar helps you go between diagrams much more easily too.

Draw Faster
You can either create your diagrams from scratch or modify an existing one. This Standard version lets you align shapes easily and accurately since you’ve now got the Quick Shapes Mini Toolbar, Page Auto Size and Auto Align & Space features.

Quick Shapes Mini Toolbar
This new toolbar will add and align shapes accurately, and includes an enhanced dynamic grid, automatic layout adjustment, and page Auto Size. You’ll find that the work you have to do is cut in half.

Simplify Large Designs
When you have designs that are a little more complex, use Subprocesses and Containers to group related shapes and visuals. Basically, larger diagrams are broken into smaller pieces to help you manage them easier with Subprocesses. Containers then work to organize different shape sets and relate them to one another in different diagrams.

Formatting Tools
The included formatting is what allows you to get that professional look without a lot of work. Lots of tools and design options, along with a rich gallery of themes and Live Preview work great.

Sharepoint Workflows
Monitor your Sharepoint workflows with a new and more advanced template that contains rules while supporting exporting and importing workflows. You can now move workflows between Microsoft Sharepoint Designer 2010 and Visio 2010.

Sharepoint Server
Share all of these interactive diagrams with others across the web. It’s all in real time too! That means others can pan and zoom in on your diagrams, follow hyperlinks, and refresh the data. Just render the diagrams in Microsoft Silverlight or in PNG format.

Diagram Validation
It’s now easy to check for common errors across your organizational tools. Just a click can validate a diagram against a set of rules, so you’ll be sure it’s constructed right. There shouldn’t be any more accuracy or consistency problems when it comes to business rules with this validation built right in.

Data Driven Visuals
Only a few clicks let you see the entire picture of any Visio 2010 project. Connect diagrams to a few other data sources like Excel, SQL Server and Sharepoint with the Data Selector and Automatic Link Wizards.

Automatic Refresh
This feature is great for keeping everything up to date. It refreshes data automatically at specific time intervals you can set.

Visual Mashups
Using the real-time data and different applications, you can actually create interactive dashboards. The Visio Services and Sharepoint integration support mashups for a better visual experience.

Easy Download
Don’t be intimidated by the prospect of getting a new system installed on your computer. Other buyers of this product mention how quickly they were able to download it and receive the license, so in around 30 minutes, you should be completely set up.

Feature Summary
There are lots of features you’re looking at with Microsoft Visio 2010, so let’s summarize them here to make them easier to see:

·         Intuitive organization charts, including cross-functional flowcharts, cause and effect charts, and brainstorming areas
·         Project management diagrams like timelines and calendars
·         Jump Start Diagramming and pre-drawn shapes
·         Faster drawing tools
·         Formatting tools like Live Preview
·         Sharepoint Workflows and Sharepoint Designer
·         Diagram validation
·         Data Selector and Automatic Link Wizard to share charts
·         Automatic Refresh
·         Easy download


Any business can benefit from these super intuitive and easy to use tools offered in the Microsoft Standard Visio 2010. Use them to diagram your ideas thanks to the simple to use shapes and improved interface. As long as you meet the minimum system requirements, this operating system should work great for any business or project!

System Requirements

These are minimum system requirements for installing Microsoft Visio 2010 Standard

In order to make sure this system will run properly on your computer, you’ve got to be sure you at least meet the minimum system requirements.

Before you buy, this is what you need:

  • 500 MHz or more
  • 2 GB available disk space
  • 1024 x 768 resolution monitor
  • 256 MB of memory
  • Windows XP with SP3, Windows Vista with SP1, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2008 with SP2, Windows 7, or later operating systems

You can have more than these, but be sure these requirements are met before you run out and start buying. Thankfully, it’s easy to install too, so it shouldn’t cause you too much of a problem.

Refund Policy

We work hard to make sure your software download and installation process is as seamless as possible. However, once a product key is deployed for your purchase, we cannot accept product cancellations once the key has been activated or an attempt to activate it has taken place. If you encounter any issues when installing your new software purchase, our technical support team will help troubleshoot your installation.

How can we help with the installation process? Our customer support is available 24x7 to give you expert technical help should you need it. If we can't activate your software, we will replace the product key free of charge within 90 days of purchase.

For more information be sure to check out our full Orders & Returns page.

End-User License Agreement

In keeping with our customer support, we please refer to our full End-User License Agreement.

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Microsoft Visio 2010 Standard

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