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Microsoft Office Excel (MS Excel) is one of the most useful tools that many businesses utilize. To make data recording and task delegation more efficient, make sure that you use the right MS Excel spreadsheet templates to submit your work. MS Excel spreadsheet templates are utilized to streamline designated tasks like projects, budgets, charts, and events, to name a few.

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Excel Spreadsheet Templates

MS Excel offers a variety of spreadsheets that we must discover and make use of. More often than not, we are only using the most basic or default spreadsheet that the MS Excel has. But there are a lot of other choices or selections to choose from based on what we need. Microsoft Excel 2016 and the newer versions of the software offers more spreadsheets to choose from for free. With these features, we can easily tailor-fit the MS Excel spreadsheet templates aligned with what we personally require for school or work. Moreover, to help you become familiar with these available spreadsheets, here are some of the MS Excel spreadsheet templates that you need to discover today:

Project Timeline Template

The Project Timeline Templates is one of the most useful MS Excel spreadsheet templates that is recommended for project managers, project leaders, and project heads to be more mindful of the designated timeline for deliverables. Using this template, project managers can organize different project schedules, tick off accomplished projects, and track project progress.

Project and Business Budget Template

The Project and Business Budget MS Excel spreadsheet templates can enable project heads and business owners to budget and track their own budget in a very easy and organized manner. The said template also has a built-in and customizable formula that computes the budget and track expenses, assets, and other liabilities that a specific business or project has.

Wedding Organizer Template

The Wedding Organizer Template is very useful for brides-to-be, event coordinators, and organizers to keep track of each wedding detail and make the most out of it and see what else is missing. Furthermore, the Wedding Organizer Template helps wedding organizers or brides minimize their stress because everything is organized properly.

Accounting Spreadsheet Template

Gone are the days that accounting is done manually through an accounting book or a ledger book. The Accounting Spreadsheet Template automatically computes and reflects all figures being input by the accountant. Moreover, this provides a more accurate computation without much room for human error if the formula is done right. Formulas are also easier to maneuver in Excel.

Class Record Spreadsheet Template

The Class Record Spreadsheet Template is very useful for professors, teachers, and heads of schools who must organize the list and the full profile of their enrolled students. Utilizing this can track duplicated names, addresses, phone numbers, and other pertinent and confidential details that students have. The Class Record Spreadsheet Template can also be customized for grades and other rating records.

Personal Finance Spreadsheet Template

If you often struggle when it comes to budgeting your money and tracking your expenses, the Personal Finance Spreadsheet Template could be the best solution. This type of template provides formulas that easily add and subtract your expenses and money based on your inputs. In utilizing this, you can keep track on your important figures especially if you are gearing on saving money.

Human Resource Spreadsheet Template

Almost similar to the class record spreadsheet, the Human Resource Spreadsheet Template helps you to keep all your employees’ pertinent details like full name, social security number, tax identification number, birthdays, mobile numbers, addresses, their organization ranking, and other information in order. This template can minimize the amount of paperwork you have because you can easily find the name of the employee that you wish to check on just by commanding the spreadsheet to the search bar. Moreover, this is another way to easily read information about any employee that the management wishes to promote, demote, or even let go.

Calendar Spreadsheet Template

Your Calendar could be one of the most important things that can help you stay organized. If you are aiming to have a more personal calendar that can be accessed anytime and anywhere even without a stable internet connection, the Calendar Spreadsheet Template is a must for you. With this template, you can utilize the use of MS Excel cells to put in your activity and moreover, you can even print a hard copy of your calendar for reference.

MS Excel spreadsheet templates are always available for use. Users should know how to tailor-fit the spreadsheet to fully utilize its objective to provide a more organized and clearer way of keeping track of your work duties.

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