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Trend Micro

Trend Micro

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The world of antivirus protection choices can seem incredibly small to those who only know the brands that have made a big name around them. It can seem like there are no more than one or two choices, and if you aren’t satisfied with those, you are out of luck. That impression, though, is entirely false. In fact, there are many great antivirus options that just haven’t made as big a name in North America, but have done incredibly well (regarding sales and in terms of protection) in the wider world.

One of the biggest names in antivirus software is Trend Micro. If you haven’t heard of them, it’s because the name hasn’t entirely filtered down to everyday users, but the quality of the product is equal to, if not superior, to those names you already know. For those who want to get away from big-name antivirus providers that don’t always live up to their big promises, it may be time to try Trend Micro.

How Trend Micro Became an Antivirus Leader

Despite its lack of everyday brand infiltration, Trend Micro is actually as old and well-established as most of the bigger brand names out there. The company was started in 1988 by Steve Chang, Jenny Chang, and Eva Chen. It was founded in Los Angeles, but moved to Taipei and then Japan as the company grew and acquired more businesses.

Like other big antivirus software businesses, Trend Micro has managed to stay at the top of its game by acquiring many of the most prominent innovation technologies out there and absorbing that technology into its antivirus. Over three decades, Trend Micro has purchased a large number of businesses that innovated some of the great advances in everything from encryption, to cloud-based storage, to data loss prevention.

As a major antivirus software player, Trend Micro has used its power sometimes for a more altruistic purpose. From 2014 through 2017, the company partnered with INTERPOL to help discover the sources of some of the worst cybercrime on the internet. This partnership bore extraordinary fruit and helped reduce worldwide cybercrime.

Trend Micro has continued to grow throughout its thirty years in the software business, and it is now as significant a rival to big antivirus business as any company out there.

Why Trend Micro Stands Out as a High-Quality Antivirus Option

It should be clear that if INTERPOL sees something special about Trend Micro’s anti-cybercrime capabilities, then there must be something significant about the product. Indeed, Trend Micro has a very long history of major antivirus successes. One of the reasons for this is the company’s complete devotion to cybersecurity issues. While most antivirus companies diversify and focus on multiple software goals, Trend Micro sticks with what it knows and uses that expertise to continue to stay at the top of the antivirus game.

The company works closely with Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM, among others to make sure its products are always of the highest quality. It’s a quality that has shown itself, and businesses, in particular, have taken notice. Trend Micro now protects more than 500,000 businesses. It’s hard to imagine a more impressive endorsement than that.

Trend Micro Products

While Trend Micro focuses on security, it doesn’t just offer a single software security solution. Instead, it has numerous products which allow users to choose the one that works best for them. In particular, Trend Micro focuses on hybrid-cloud and endpoint security for businesses, which is part of what makes it such an attractive option for so many companies. For individual and family use, the primary product Trend Micro offers is the Internet Security package.

Trend Micro Internet Security Features

It has the reputation and the numbers to back up its success, but you still want to know what comes in a Trend Microsoft Internet Security package. After all, it’s these details that really matter to your overall computer security. So, to help you make the best antivirus software choice for you, consider whether the following Internet Security features are right for you: