Grammarly is a phenomenal tool that helps writers create flawless documents. The app is available in a number of ways and can help improve your writing in immensely. There is an online version of Grammarly, browser extensions, an add-on for Microsoft Word, and a desktop app for Mac. This is where Mac users have been left out in the cold with Grammarly. It would be nice to have a Grammarly add-on for MS Word for Mac, but unfortunately there isn’t one.


Does that mean Mac users can’t take advantage of Grammarly? Not at all. In fact, Mac users can enjoy the same grammatical proofing on their Word documents as PC users get to enjoy. They just have to go about it a little differently, that’s all. Here are the simple steps necessary for using Grammarly on your Mac for Word.


1. Go to Grammarly and download the Mac desktop app.

2. Open Grammarly

3. Drag a document into Grammarly


It’s really that simple. The Grammarly desktop app for Mac OS will run a check for grammatical accuracy on your document. You’ll get a full report and mark-up of your document and be able to make changes. You can also use the Grammarly browser extension for Safari, Chrome, or Firefox on a Mac. Either way, taking advantage of this very cool app is easy enough for Mac users. Sure, it would be great to have it available as an add-on and accessible through Word for Mac. Word for Windows users have the opportunity to add it to their Word, so why not Mac users? Hopefully this oversight will be taken care of in the near future, but if you’re a Mac user, you have grown accustomed to being left out of things Windows users have access to. No big deal in this case. Grammarly and all its great features are available. You just have to look a little harder. Believe me, if you’re a creative writer, a business writer, or anyone who relies on words for a living, go ahead and download the Grammarly desktop app.