Preview is a program that comes with MacBook. It’s a useful program that can do many things. You can use it to view all kinds of file types, including Word files and PDFs. One of the great things about Preview is that you can convert text and rich text documents to PDF. Unfortunately, you cannot use Preview to convert a PDF to Word using this program. While we can’t teach you how to convert PDF to Word on Mac using Preview, we can show tell you about a couple of ways you can convert PDF to Word on Mac that you can use as a workaround.


Google Docs is one option you can use. Google Docs is pretty good at converting documents to and from different formats. You either need to have a Google account or set up a Google account to use Google Docs. Once you are in, upload the document you want to convert (in this case a PDF) to your Google Drive. Open Google Docs, go to the FILE menu, and click DOWNLOAD AS. Select  “Microsoft Word (DOCX)” and save the the file to your Mac. Google Docs is has a reasonable conversion process when it comes to saving PDF files into a usable DOCX file. In many cases, most of the formatting will be preserved and you’ll get a file that requires very little cleaning up. You may have to do a little tweaking, but this is a free and pretty effective way to turn a PDF into a Word document.


Another simple way to do this is to copy text from the PDF in question, open Microsoft Word, and paste into the new Word document. You can open the PDF in Preview, select all of the text, and paste into the new Word document. Now, keep in mind that this isn’t really converting, but it is a workaround and you can use Preview. If the PDF is primarily simple text, this method can be pretty straightforward, although you will likely need to do a little formatting when you paste. If the PDF in question is complex with a lot of formatting, this isn’t going to go as smoothly as you might hope. In fact, the results could range from somewhat good to completely unreadable.


There are, of course, loads of apps and web-based services that will do this conversion for you. Some of them are free, some cost. How they work varies. Many of the we-based apps are free but will only allow you to do so many pages. It can be a pain to get started with a conversion only to find out you have a watermark until you pay or that you are limited in the number of pages you can do.


Adobe has options, of course. There’s Acrobat, which you have to pay for, and there is also a web-based app from Adobe that costs. Both of these allow you to work flexibly with PDFs, but can be costly. Unless you work with PDFs on a regular basis, you may not be able to justify the cost.


While we can’t show you how to convert PDF to Word on Mac using Preview, we have given you a couple of ways to work around it. Using these methods, you can convert PDF to Word effectively.