There is no way to export a PDF to a Word, or DocX file, from within Word for Mac, but like many things you want to do, there are some workarounds. One of the easiest ways to do it is to make use of Google Docs. Here’s how you do it:


Google Docs, a web-based set of office apps, has a fantastic PDF conversion tools built in right in. If you don’t already have a Google account, you’ll need to make one. SIgn into Google Docs with your Google account. Click the “Upload” button and browse to the PDF you want to upload. Select it and upload it. CLick on the “File” menu in Google Docs and choose “Download As,” then select “Microsoft Word (DOCX)” and save the Word DOCX file to your Mac.


Google Docs is pretty accurate at converting PDF files into a DOCX file that comes out fairly accurate. Open the DOCX file in Microsoft Office, or with the Apple Pages, and double check that the conversion looks good. You might have to run through it to do a little bit of cleaning up to make it error free, but for the most part, you’ll get a smooth conversion. This is the easiest way to get the job done. Of course, you will need an Internet connection for this method.

You can also try the good old fashioned copy and paste method. Open the PDF in Preview or any other PDF viewer you have. Copy (select Command + C) the text you want to change into a Word file on Mac. Open Word and create a new document. Paste (Command + V) the text into the new Word document. From here, simply save the file and you’ve got your Word file. This seems like a very cool free option, but sometimes it doesn’t work perfectly. It’s possible the text you paste will come out in various levels of usability. In most cases, you will need to do some cleaning up to make it readable. Rarely will you get a perfect document with this method?


Of course, you can get a very high-quality paid option by using the Adobe web-based Export PDF to DocX application. If you do a lot of this type of exporting, it’s certainly worth investing the money into using this app. In addition to the Adobe option, you can purchase other converters as well. Do your research. Some work better than others. Obviously, though, you don’t have to spend money to get the job done. Using the methods outlined above, you can export PDF to DocX without spending a dime.