Opening Word on Mac, assuming you have Word installed, is easy. You can double click the document you want to open and it will open Word by default. You can also open Word itself by clicking on the shortcut to the app, click on File/Open and browse to the location of the Word file you want to open (.doc or docx). You can also right click on a Word file and on the popup menu select Open WIth and choose “Microsoft Word” from the menu. These are all simple and straightforward ways to open Microsoft Word on your Mac.


What you may be wondering instead is how to open a Microsoft Word document without having Word. Many Mac users don’t have Microsoft Word on their Macs, but may still need to work with Mac documents. Microsoft Word documents are have the extension .doc or.docx. These files are created, opened, and edited in Microsoft Word. If you have a Word document you need to read or edit, there are a couple of free, easy options to open Word documents on Mac.


TextEdit comes free with your Mac.  You can double click a Word file and it will open by default in TextEdit if you don’t have Word on your Mac. You can edit Word documents and save in Word document format (.doc or .docx). If you open any other file type that TextEdit handles and want to save it as a Word document, no problem. The only real issue is that complex formatting done in Word, such as text boxes, et. will be lost. TextEdit only reads the basic formatting.


Another way to open Word in Mac is by using Apple Pages, which is Apple’s version of Word. Pages is a full featured word processor that will let you open, edit, and save Word files. Most of the time the formatting remains the same, although there are things you may lose if you open a Word doc. The good news is, however, you will be able to read and save Word files using it.


These are the easiest ways to open Word on a Mac with owning a copy of Microsoft Word.