Do you know how to quit Word on Mac? If all you want to do is close the program out, all you have to do is go to the WORD menu in the upper left hand corner of the program, click on it, and move all the way to the bottom. Click on QUIT WORD. This will close the program. If you have any open documents that have changes that haven’t been saved, don’t worry. When you quit Word on Mac, the program will let you know there is a document with unsaved changes and give you the opportunity to save the document. Even if you have a document you haven’t saved at all, Word for Mac will ask you to name and save the document before you close it.


There is another method for closing Word. If you have it in your dock, you can click and hold the Word icon until a menu pops up. On the meu, click on QUIT. That will close the program. Again, if you have any documents with changes that have not been saved, Word for Mac will prompt you to save those changes.


If you are one of those people who stress about losing documents, you can always go to the FILE menus and choose the CLOSE option to close documents individually. This will let you see that each document is saved.