Hopefully you have your autosave on in Word for Mac. That’s the first step to protecting the work you’re doing and avoiding the heartaches of losing your work. With autosave on, you will always have a pretty recent version of what you’re working on at hand in case something happens and you are forced out of Word. A power outage, Word freezing up, and any number of other circumstances could cause you to lose your most current work. WIth autosave on, you can at least recover a pretty recent version of what you were working on when something happens that causes Word to shut down unexpectedly. If Word or your Mac shuts down, here’s how you can recover the most recent version of the Word document you’re working on:


1. Close Microsoft Word for Mac

2. Click Home

3. Open the Documents folder, then open the Microsoft User Data folder

4. Locate the file that starts with the following words: “AutoRecovery save of” and select the document you want to recover

5. Rename the file


If you find you’ve accidentally deleted a file, go immediately to the “Trash” and try to locate the file there. If you don’t empty your trash on a regular basis, you might get lucky and find your document still in the trash can.


In the event that you can’t find your Word document anywhere, you can use Time Machine to turn back the time on your Mac to a time period when the file was still on your hard drive. This is only a last-case scenario. It’s pretty difficult to lose a Word file on your Mac. As long as you use Autosave, the most you will lose in the event of a crash or a power outage is about ten minutes worth of work.