The ability to search a word is important. The search feature is found in apps that use text. Whether it’s Mac’s own TextEdit, Pages, or Microsoft Word, you can search for words or phrases within documents. The search feature is also referred to as “find” and is often used in conjunction with the “replace” feature.


In Word for Mac, for instance, you can quickly search a word in the search word box at the top right of the window. Type the word and it will find all instances. Clicking the little magnifying glass will give you the option to open the replace function. Follow these steps to do an advanced search in Word for Mac:


1. Click View > Navigation Pane.

2. In the Navigation Pane, click the magnifying glass.

3. Click the settings button, and then click Advanced Find & Replace.

4. At the top of the dialog box, click Replace.

5. On the Find what box, type the text that you want to find.


If you want to use find and replace in TextEdit, follow these steps:


1. From the Edit menu, choose “Find” or press Command F. A search field appears below the ruler bar.

2. Click the “Replace” checkbox to open a Replace text field below the search field.

3. In the Find field, type the word you want to find.

4. In the Replace field, type the word or phrase that will replace the found word.

5. Replace: Replaces the currently selected occurrence of the word or phrase, then automatically finds the next occurrence.

6. All: Replace all occurrence of the found text. Press (don’t click) on the “All” button to see more options.

7. To manually find other occurrence of the text, click the Previous and Next buttons.

8. For more search options, click the small double-arrows next to the magnifying glass icon on the left side of the window.

9. Click “Done” to exit the “Find” and “Replace” fields.


Pages is Apple’s word processor. You may want to search words using the app. On the “Edit” menu, choose “Find” and you will be presented with options to search for a word and replace a word or phrases.


These are just some of the apps you will use the search feature to find words. If you want to know how to search a word on Mac, you may need to learn to search for words within different apps. Many text-based apps include the search feature. These are the most popular text apps that will include the word search function.