There are a lot of reasons to keep you Word updated on Mac. Some people will tell you to avoid updates unless they are absolutely crucial or critical. The other side of the camp says that updates should always be installed. Not only can you stay more secure when you update regularly, you get all the latest features and improvements to the app you’re updating. Since Word is constantly adding tools, features, and security updates, keeping you Word for Mac updated is important.


Keeping Word for Mac updated is an easy process. First, if you turn on automatic updates, your Word will automatically update in the background with no input necessary from you whatsoever. To manually update Word for Mac, click “check for updates” on the “Help” menu.


Here’s how you turn on automatic updates:


1. Open any Office application such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Outlook.

2. On the top menu, go to Help > Check for Updates.

3. Under "How would you like updates to be installed?", select “Automatically Download and Install.”

4. Select “Check for Updates.”


If you choose to manually update rather than use autoupdate, you will be able to select which updates you want to install. If you are leery about installing updates, at least be sure to install critical updates and security updates.