People like free things. There’s no doubt about it. Why wouldn’t we want to get something free? There’s nothing wrong with saving a bit of money when we can. Unfortunately, free isn’t always a good thing. There is a lot of free stuff on the Internet that is “free” because there’s a catch. Some free things may be free as a way to entice you. For instance, you can get free software, but most of the free software either has a ton of ads you have to watch, limits usage until you purchase a full version, or is used as a means to install spyware or other malware on your computer. The company offering the free software usually has an alternative way to make money if they aren’t charging you up front. Sometimes free really means free, but in many cases, free often indicates there is a catch. Most people or companies don’t do anything if they aren’t getting paid to do it.


Stay Away from Free Antivirus Software

Antivirus software is one of those products people don’t want to spend money on. They want to find a free antivirus product and call it a day. If you search for free antivirus software, you’re going to find a few offerings, but be careful. Antivirus software is not an area where you want to try and cut corners to save money. First of all, many free antivirus software products are one step away from being malware themselves. A lot of companies offer free antivirus software and spyware detection programs to entice you to download and install the free program on your computer, when in fact the free antivirus software you’re downloading is actually a delivery system for spyware that is designed to collect your personal data and sent it to a third party. This is how the company is making money. They are supplying your personal information to companies for marketing purposes.

You often can’t detect whether a product you’ve installed is doing this, but when you get something free, that may be one of the terms listed in the “terms of use” (so small and lengthy that most people don’t bother reading it). If this is the case, you are agreeing to allow a party to collect and distribute your personal information in exchange for using their “free” software, which sometimes turns out to have a higher price than you want to pay. Malware protection software, antivirus software, and spyware detection software are some of the most popular “free” software products you can get that often do more harm than good to your computer. A lot of times the information collected is just simple stuff like your surfing habits, what you buy online etc, but some information collected can be more sensitive and used to steal your identity. The truth is, you have no idea what information is being collected or where it’s going, so why would you even take the chance?

Antivirus software takes a lot of time to keep updated and working the way it should. That time equates to money. A company needs to spend money to not only develop all of the intricate code it takes to detect malware, spyware, and viruses, those virus and malware definitions need to be kept up to date. Also, an antivirus software company should always be researching and looking for the latest in online viral threats. All of this takes a great deal of money. There’s no way to get a quality free antivirus software package because the software can’t be developed without getting money from the end user. There has to be money somewhere, and if the software you download is free, the developers of the software are making money another way. In many cases, that other way means by collecting and selling your personal information, or even worse, using the personal information they collect for illegal purposes.


Free Antivirus is Often Lacking in Quality

Besides the above mentioned issues with free antivirus software, there are other problems with free antivirus software. A lot of antivirus software is simply not powerful enough to keep you safe. You need to be confident when you buy antivirus software online that it will protect your computer, your important files, and your personal information. A lot of free antivirus software doesn’t receive the regular updates needed to ensure you are always protected from the latest threats. You may find a free antivirus product that protects you from most of the known threats, but if your antivirus software isn’t up to date, you are open to infection from new sources as they arise. Free antivirus software often needs to be “upgraded” to include real-time protection and updates that will protect you from current virus and malware threats. These “upgrades” end up costing you money, so in the end, your free antivirus software is not really free and you end up paying for an antivirus product that is “lesser known” and doesn’t have the solid reputation you’d get if you had purchased one of the powerful, well-known antivirus products like Trend Micro, Kaspersky, or Norton. If you actually compare prices, you’ll see that there is no huge difference between the price of the “free” software after you upgrade it to give you the features you need and the price of the trusted products that give you full protection from the word go.


Choose Safety over Frugality

There really is no reason to try and be frugal when it comes to protecting your computer, your sensitive personal information, your privacy, and important files that may or may not be replaceable. It’s already too late when you are subject to a malware attack. You may find that your “free” antivirus software doesn’t have the capability to remove the infection and save your files and information. If you are using paid antivirus software, there’s a great chance you didn’t get a virus or malware attack in the first place, but in the event you do, the paid antivirus software should be able to help save your data and keep your private information safe. Sure, everybody likes to save a buck, but at what cost? Instead of looking for “free” antivirus software, check out trusted software resellers like and find trusted software at lower prices, allowing you to get the top-notch protection you need while saving money too. Don’t take a chance on losing your computer, your files, or having your personal information collected and sold to the highest bidder. Buy antivirus software with a name you know and trust. That’s what real peace of mind is all about when you’re surfing the Internet.