October saw the release of quite a few new features in Microsoft 365 that gives employees and teams to improve the appearance of their content. There are also new tools and resources to help users facilitate a smooth transition to the cloud.


Here’s a look at some of those features:


Enhance the visual appeal and impact of your documents and presentations. You can bring your content to life with Embedded 3D Animations. Add Embedded 3D Animations in Word and PowerPoint that can help you better illustrate complex ideas in your presentations using 3D. It’s easy to insert and play embedded 3D animated models. This is great for really bringing an idea to life and helping your audience to better grasp the concepts you’re presenting.


You can also convert ink to text and shapes. Microsoft has introduced natural ways to work with Ink in PowerPoint. Write or draw naturally then convert your digital pen ink into text on a slide. You can draw a more complex diagram with words and shapes, select everything in the slide, and convert it to text or shapes together.


Now you can edit all your documents with a digital pen. There’s new gestures in Ink Editor that let you to edit documents using shorthand with a digital pen while you’re in tablet mode. Insert new lines, add missing words, and delete or highlight content anywhere you are using a natural writing.


Curated slide recommendations in PowerPoint let you build powerful presentations. Designer in PowerPoint uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing to convert text (handwritten or typed) into curated slide recommendations. These recommendations include multiple design themes and intelligent SmartArt and icons built around the words in your slide, giving you ideas you can use to personalize your presentations and make them more focused.


Convert Word documents into web pages with Transform to Web. Now you can turn your Word documents into interactive web pages that you can share easily. Transform to Web offers lots of styles that look awesome on any device. You can publish beautiful content to the web with three clicks. You can view analytics on the page, including who has viewed or read your content. Transforming a document is simple as go to File > Transform and select a style. Turn your Word documents into web pages.


Cloud Transition Features:


Easily transition to and work in the cloud New capabilities across Microsoft 365 help you move files and applications to the cloud with support when they need it.

Use SharePoint Migration to migrate files. The SharePoint Migration Tool is a simple way for commercial customers to migrate existing SharePoint, OneDrive, and File Share content to SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Teams.


Desktop App Assure ensures compatibility of apps when deploying Windows 10, Office 365 ProPlus, and feature updates.

The new help and support pane for Office.com provides access to the latest support information and support articles. For commercial customers, search your organization’s help desk information, if enabled by your admin.