What is Microsoft Publisher and why does anybody need it? Publisher is a desktop publishing program from Microsoft. Everybody knows that Microsoft Word is a powerful word processor that allows users to create professional, stunning documents of all kinds. It has been described as a word processor powerful enough for desktop publishing applications. If this is the case, why does anybody need to use Publisher?


Microsoft Publisher is a basic desktop publishing (DTP) application that offers an array of tools for producing layouts and creating typographic quality text and images. Publisher has been offered in more recent editions of Office. Publisher’s selling point is that it is marketed as an entry-level desktop publishing app. It’s easy to use even for casual users and businesses with no design experts on hand. With very little training, almost anyone can use Publisher to generate professional-looking marketing materials and informative documents. With Publisher, anything you can dream up can be created easily. Publisher lets you design, create, and publish professional documents of all kinds. That’s what sets it apart from even an advanced word processor.

Publisher has loads of deep features that can be accessed through a simple, very user-friendly interface. It has options for bulk and batch actions to help you accomplish more in less time. You can swap Images and enhance them using tons of special effects. Anced tools related to color swatches, text effects, and many more can also help ensure what you see is what you get. WIth Publisher, you can tweak documents to get the highest quality print quality possible. Best of all, since Publisher has become a part of the Microsoft Office Professional suite, it seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft applications.


As advanced as Word has become through the years, it isn’t capable of the advanced layouts that Publisher is. Desktop publishing software is specifically for creating everything from making flyers and brochures to books, booklets, and magazines. While you can insert graphics into a Word document, you can’t combine text and graphics as precisely as you can using a desktop publishing program, The great thing about Publisher is that it is affordable desktop publishing software that can perform a lot of complex layouts and precision formatting. Whether you are publishing your own newspaper, making flyers for an event, or creating brochures for your product, you get all the tools in Publisher you need for the job.


Features of Microsoft Publisher


  • Professional-level effects for texts, shapes, and pictures

  • Drag-and-drop image importing and swapping

  • Detailed ruler and guides for accurate measurements

  • Imports photos from online albums such as Facebook and Flickr

  • Ability to use high-resolution picture backgrounds

  • Mail merge tools

  • Personalization tools

  • Document-sharing capabilities

  • Default cloud-saving

  • Ability to save high-res files using common image formats

Microsoft Publisher offers a wide array of templates. These templates cover just about any kind of document you can think of. Whatever you want to create, Publisher no doubt has a template that lets you get started right away. These templates take all of the need to do page layout out of the equation. Everything is already precisely measured and you can just drop in your own text and graphics.

Publisher has a lot of shapes that you can use to elevate your publications. We’re not talking about simple shapes. Publisher takes shapes to a new level. Under the Insert menu is a fly-out list of premade shapes you can add, then modify by filling with color, changing the border, or adding shadows, embossing, and highlighting. You can also use Scribble Pen to draw custom shapes from scratch.

Publisher also has a feature you may be familiar with from Office. It’s called WordArt. The WordArt button on the Insert tab allows you to combine words and art to create logos and fancy lettering for all kinds of purposes. With WordArt, you have control over the size and font of the letters and the positioning. You can also shrink, enlarge, or distort WordArt to create highly original pieces.

One of the most important parts of desktop publishing is flow, especially for newspapers, newsletters, etc. When typing in multicolumn text boxes, text in Publisher flows from one box to the next. This eliminates the need to position text letter by letter. It also lets shorter pieces flow Users can link text boxes to flow or to break the flow. You can also adjust text manually, so you always have complete control over design.


Why Should I buy Publisher?

Publisher is ideal for a company that creates a lot of marketing or advertising materials. You can eliminate the need for expensive designers by having the work done in house. You can deliver print ready documents yourself, without the need to have a publishing professional charge you a fortune to do it. Any organization that does a lot of publishing of training materials or branded material can use publisher. If you want to create your own newsletters or even if you’re a hobbyist printing up your own comics or books, Publisher is a great tool for the job. It’s got a great user interface, it’s easy to learn, and there are endless possibilities for what you can create. Even if you’ve never designed with DTP before, you’ll be creating like a pro in no time.