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Businesses need to develop big projects in order to compete. Developing ambitious projects allows your company to perform at the highest level while reaching for new levels of success and efficiency. The problem, however, is keeping such projects organized. You need a program that helps you budget, track progress, and follow the entire execution of projects. The solution to this is Microsoft Project, the most popular program for project development. By purchasing Project from SaveOnIt, you’ll get the best software for your project development at the lowest price. To find out more about why you need Project and how to get it, read more below.

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What is Project?

Microsoft Project allows you to maximize efficiency when you are developing and overseeing projects by keeping large quantities of data stored in a systematic and streamlined fashion that produces calculations for you. Perhaps the most important feature of Project is how well it can schedule out projects for you by creating critical path schedules and critical chains. For instance, when you input new data into your project—such as information about new employees or new equipment—the program can make automatic calculations, and adjust costs and work time required.

Microsoft provides templates for specific industries to help make the program even more efficient. There are, however, a number of editions of Project that offer different features with different prices. To choose which edition is right for you, use the information below.

MS Project Professional 2016

Project 2016

Project 2016 is the latest edition of Project, and as expected, there are plenty of new features. The biggest new feature is Resource Engagements, which allows you to request a resource through a simple process, and once it has been allocated to you, to lock it in, thus ensuring you have what you need to complete your project.

Another big new feature is Timeline, which allows you to create a customized view of multiple project timelines, all with customized values. On the user-experience side, Tell Me gives you the easy option of simply typing in what you need and letting the program find the feature. This can save a great deal of time, particularly for those new to the program. Finally, there is complete backward compatibility with Project 2013, allowing you to easily transition to the new edition.

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MS Project Professional 2013

Project 2013

Project 2013 is the middle edition between 2010 and the newest version in 2016. This edition adds better integration with the rest of the Office suite and allows for more efficient communication and analysis of project needs. This is accomplished, firstly, through the new Report feature, which has a number of pre-installed report options. These new options can help you and others in your business visualize where the project is and what is needed with far less effort than in previous editions. For instance, the Cost Overview report can give you all the information you need to stay on budget by laying out clearly planned costs, remaining costs, actual costs, cumulative costs, and others. Other report templates include:


Lays out how much work has been done, how much is left, and what is left to be completed.

Project Overview

Lays out how much is complete, upcoming milestones, and what is late.

Upcoming tasks

Lays out more short-term needs, such as what has been completed in the current week, the status of those parts of the project that were due but not yet completed, and what is expected in the next week.

Work Overview

Lays out the work stats for all top-level tasks and the percentage that is complete.

Finally, Project 2013 gives you increased communication abilities by allowing you to start IM sessions, video chats, emails, or calls simply by hovering over a name. Project is also further integrated into the rest of the Office suite, and your data can be more easily shared and stored in the cloud.

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MS Project Professional 2010

Project 2010

The earliest version of Project still very much in use, and it still has a lot of power behind it. For instance, Project 2010 anticipates the Office 2016 suite by giving you the ability to share different project databases across the Microsoft Office Project Server. This allows you to keep up to date with everyone in your company on the specifics of every project, all at the click of a button. There is also an increased flexibility and customizability compared to earlier editions, with new features allowing you to create what-if project scenarios and user-controlled scheduling.

There are increased visual options as well, as Project 2010 gives you the Timeline option to create advanced graphic overviews of the whole project that can be easily copied into other Office programs. Finally, a Team Planner feature allows you to spot where your project is going wrong and to make adjustments to get back on track.

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Which Version Is Right for Your Business?

All three editions offer plenty of useful features to make sure you maximize the efficiency of your projects. In terms of the best outright edition, that is obvious Project 2016, since it has all of the features of previous editions with several of its own. However, 2013 and 2010 have plenty to offer if you feel their features adequately address your business’ needs. If you are shopping for Project on a budget, for instance, the basic 2010 model may be a good fit, particularly if your business doesn’t need more advanced communication or visual options. An ideal compromise is the 2013 edition. It gives you the us

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