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Microsoft Excel 2019 for Mac Open License

Works On:

* The installation requires a minimum installation configuration. See System Requirements Icons
Microsoft Excel 2019 for Mac Open License


MPN: D46-01097


Digital download, no hard copy will be shipped.

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Microsoft Excel 2019 for Mac Open License

Microsoft Excel 2019 for Mac Open License

Brand: Microsoft

Works On:

* The installation requires a minimum installation configuration. See System Requirements Icons

$ 109 .00
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MPN: D46-01097


Digital download, no hard copy will be shipped.

Microsoft Excel 2019 for Mac Open License

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  • Microsoft Excel 2019 for Mac Open License

    Microsoft Excel 2019 for Mac Open License

    While almost anyone, if not most people, can benefit from using spreadsheets, charts, and graphs, it would seem that business owners are the ones who seriously benefit the most from using Excel. Excel makes it much easier for you to manage, track, and share any data as well as information that you have.

    Students also can use Excel for their presentations, making them more appealing as well as making it easier to understand. Excel has undergone some nice upgrades for the 2019 version, making it much better than ever before.

    Control your Data

    •Analyze, along with visualizing, your data in new and intuitive ways that give you a fresh user interface plus your favorite keyboard shortcuts.
    •Leverage features such as Analysis Toolpak, Slicers, and Formula Builder to save time so that you can focus on insights.

    Visualize Output 

    •New charts and graphs are included in Excel 2016 to present your data excitingly and compellingly.
    •Utilize sparklines, tables, and graphs to help your work tell a story.

    New Tools

    Excels new tools work with you by suggesting applicable charts or predicting repetitive cell populating with duplicate data.
    Flash Fill is arguably one of the easiest ways to reformat as well as rearrange your data.
    Excel learns along with recognizes your pattern to auto-complete the remaining data, and thus requires no additional formulas or macros.

    Simplified Sharing

    Easily share your work with your team to make collaboration even more comfortable than before.
    When you save your workbooks, the new work is saved to SkyDrive or SharePoint by default.
    You can send links to the same file to as many people on your team as you like, which includes their viewing as well as the editing permissions; this way, you can be assured that everyone sees the latest version.

    Other Features

    Added Charts

    Microsoft has also added new, exciting, and interactive charts to make your displays much more visually appealing and easier to understand. Funnel charts have been added to help show different values through all of the stages throughout a particular process.

    Mapping charts are also added so to help show different values all across the world. This new feature is beneficial to someone that is trying to make a presentation and expanding to different countries or new territories. These new charts are simple to use as well as understand.

    You can also still use:  

    pie charts

    Some of these features have gotten easier to set up and may look a little different with the new version. You can also combine different charts, making it into one chart.

    Added Functions

    The new query editor is easily one of the great new features for those who would like to edit their charts. This editor allows them to change the way their data looks, focusing on what matters the most. You can also repeat the data into new forms and share effortlessly with everyone that you would like.

    Whenever you save any chart to Excel, that new chart will then automatically be saved to SharePoint or SkyDrive as well. Once the new chart is saved onto the cloud, you can easily share it with anyone that you would like on your team. You can also send links so that the updated versions will be available as well.

    Easily translate any information you may need any language with the new Microsoft Translator. This new feature can help you if you need to create a presentation to someone who may or may not speak the same language as you so well. You can also create the same chart in a variety of different languages for future reference (with this saving SO MUCH TIME).


  • New Features in Excel 2019

    New functions
    Microsoft added a notable amount of new, native functions into Excel to make your calculations and work faster, easier and better. These functions include easier use for IF functions, enhanced preference options, the combination of text from multiple ranges and much more.

    New charts
    Two new charts have been added to Excel, under the names Map charts and Funnel charts. The Map chart is quite self-explanatory, you can create a chart that shows categories and volumes across geographical regions such as countries, states, counties or even postal codes. The Funner charts show values across multiple process stages. As the values decrease or increase over time, the bars of your data start to resemble a funnel, hence the name.

    Precision selecting
    If you've selected too many cells or accidentally selected one you weren't aiming for, you can now deselect extraneous cells without having to start the selection itself over. Pressing the Cmd key, you can click or click-and-drag cells or ranges within a selection.

    Filters for timeline
    To view your PivotTable data across various time ranges such as years, quarters, months or even days, you can easily filter the data in your table with a timeline filter, and select the date range you want to take a look at.

    Better accessibility
    Accessibility Checker makes it easier for you to ensure your workbooks are highly accessible for anyone all around the globe. It's able to detect possible issues with your documents that might cause people of lesser abilities to view or edit your work and offers tips, fixes and explanations as to how and why you could improve your file - all this with a click of a button.

    See and Restore previous versions
    In your own shared workbooks, you can review and even restore the changes other people have made to the file, allowing you to easily correct or retrieve parts that have been modified and aren’t to your liking.

    Break the language barrier
    Even if you're writing in or viewing a document in a language you're not familiar with, or just want to ensure you’ve written everything correctly, you can use the integrated Microsoft Translator to translate words, phrases or sentences into another language quickly, without the need to leave Excel or acquire a third-party translator.

    Customise the Ribbon
    New Ribbon customisation features have been brought to Excel 2019 for Mac, which allows you to set preferences for your Quick Access toolbar and make your Ribbon more efficient for your own work. You can change your default tabs, make new, custom tabs and even custom groups to contain your frequently used tools and commands.


  • System Requirements:

    •Computer and processor: 1.6 gigahertz (GHz) or faster, 2-core
    •Memory: 4 GB of RAM; 2 GB RAM (32 bit)
    •Hard Disk: 4.0 GB of available disk space
    •Display: 1280 x 768 screen resolution
    •Graphics: Graphics hardware acceleration requires DirectX 9 or later, with WDDM 2.0 or higher for Windows 10 (or WDDM 1.3 or higher for the Windows 10 Faller Update).
    •Operating system: Windows 10, Windows Server 2019
    •Browser The current version of Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox. Get more details
    •Some features may require that .NET 3.5 or 4.6 and higher are also installed
    •Other features of the Internet require an Internet connection. Fees may apply.
    •A touch-enabled device is required to use any multi-touch functionality. However, all features and functionality are always available using a keyboard, mouse, or other standard or accessible input device. Note that touch features are optimized for use with Windows 10.
    •Product functionality and graphics may vary based on your system configuration. Some features may require additional connectivity or advanced hardware or server connectivity.
    Cloud file management features require OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, or SharePoint. 

  • 4.5 / 5.0


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