Microsoft Excel 2019 Open Academic

Microsoft Excel 2019 Open Academic
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Excel Excel
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Microsoft Excel is an electronic spreadsheet program used for storing, organizing, and manipulating data
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Microsoft Excel 2019 Open Academic

  • Digital download

  • Incredibly fast delivery time

  • For one user or one device

  • Supports up to one installation

  • Perpetual, indefinite license

  • Licensed for both Home and Commercial use

  • Latest Office 2019 product


About Excel

Microsoft Excel is a computer utility that is getting used to assemble and preserve spreadsheets, yet has numerous extra technical competencies as well. Among the numerous features, you may carry out almost all distinctive forms of calculations and equations, you could insert diverse graphs to visualise your statistics, and the pinnacle of it all, you have got access to a massive library of native functions that make it viable and fast for you to get things accomplished, without mandating a large chunk of your time and energy. It similarly gives clients the possibility to produce unique varieties of visuals, pivot tables and use the Visual Basic macro programming language for applications.

Because of its large roaster equipped with virtually critical, easy-to-use capacities, Excel has turned out to be one of the most outstanding and widely used planning programs on several platforms which made it become an industry norm when it comes to the creation of spreadsheets over time. It is also a part of and can be bought via the Microsoft Office suite and as an individual product.

Electronic spreadsheet programs such as Excel were originally designed after paper spreadsheets which are used for accounting. The fundamental format of these computerized spreadsheets is primarily based closely identical to the paper equivalent, even at the present time. Excel's project file is referred to as a workbook, and within one workbook you can create many different and separate worksheets to keep your work as organised as possible. Inside of these worksheets, data is stored in tables, which are divided into small rectangular boxes called cells, and then organised into labelled rows and columns to help you navigate through huge chunks of data and perform calculations and other functions easily.

What can I use Excel for?

As expected from a tool mostly catering to the needs of serious business environments, most of the uses of Excel are related to professional tasks needed in corporate settings. Like mentioned above, Excel is now an industry standard application in pretty much every single office across the World, and this only means that Excel can provide you and your business with many capabilities.

Excel's core is all about numbers: you can perform even complicated calculations or speed up having to perform the same calculation over and over again by simply building a calculator within Excel by using integrated, easy to understand formulas. You can also utilise it for accounting needs such as planning a budget, making forecasts or tracking expenses and financial reports - you can even combine it with calculations and make a loan calculator, and the list only goes on. Microsoft does their best to cater to the needs of businesses, so Excel was designed with these needs in mind.

Charting is another core part of Excel because visualising your data can only help you understand it more and make better decisions based off of the visual representation of your numbers. The integrated charts are easy to use and customise and offer many different ways to make your data more interesting and easy to digest. Excel has you covered with pie charts, line charts, area charts, scatter charts, column charts, bar charts, and in Excel 2019 you can find new and exciting ways to add visual to your data - more on that in the features section.

However, professional and business capabilities are not the only things Excel is equipped with. Even if you just need it for making your personal life easier, you can use Excel in many ways. You can create calendars to plan out schedules for either your personal activities, for content schedules, for events and much more. You can even create seating plans for events such as weddings or meetings, put together a worksheet where you can track your goals and achievements or even create design mockups and prototypes if you are looking to plan out a website wireframe.

Besides the above-mentioned uses, there is a lot more to be done in Excel. Things ranging from tasks list to grocery lists, time logs, management charts, forms, quizzes, mailing lists, even Sudoku puzzles are all things you can easily make within Excel yourself.

What is Open Academic?

This Microsoft Excel 2019 product also comes with Open Academic license. Microsoft describes this type of license as something most suitable for smaller educational establishments, as it is a flexible agreement that offers a better price over purchasing retail software, but also provides the satisfaction of a volume-based licensing agreement.



In the newest version of Excel, each worksheet is capable of holding a million rows and more than 16000 columns, but that isn’t the only improvement that Microsoft made when it comes to the popular spreadsheet application. Millions of people were awaiting this release because of the features shown in previews, and now that the full software is available, let us take a detailed look at Excel 2019’s new and exciting features that can make your life easier, your work faster and improve your overall experience.

Modern design
Microsoft Excel 2019 has received a complete design overhaul that makes the software live up to the expectations of modern-day layouts when it comes to applications, especially on Windows systems, which are known for their clean and well put together designs. This new layout looks and functions pleasantly; the smoothly working design offers you a wonderful and enjoyable consumer experience. The Ribbon can be entirely custom designed for your very own requirements, making it less complicated or difficult to quickly pick out your most frequently used Excel gear and functions from the same place.

New charts
Some new charts were introduced to Excel, underneath the names Map charts and Funnel charts. The Map chart is pretty self-explanatory, you may create a chart that indicates categories and volumes throughout geographical areas consisting of nations, states, counties or even postal codes. The Funner charts display values throughout more than one process stages. Because the values lower or go up over time, the bars of your information begins to resemble a funnel, therefore the name.

Microsoft introduces a SmartArt function to offer further first-rate, highly customizable pre-made elements to customers. Such assets now consist of mixes of shapes that resemble varieties of things. We have lists, process charts to show how one thing goes to another, cycle charts and hierarchy charts which can be used to show how one item relates to different items, as well as specifically relationship charts, matrixes and pyramids. All of these categories contain numerous different kinds of SmartArt graphics which you can apply freely in case you need to insert them right from Excel 2019 without either having to download any similar items or create these charts yourself. All SmartArt can be fully customised by means of changing colour, applying styles or changing the orientation of your items, resizing and dragging the chart or formatting the information text.

Enhanced visuals
You may without problems insert icons and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files into your projects. while selecting to insert those icons, you're given access to choose and pick out from Microsoft's provided library of professionally made icons in over 25 categories. You may choose more than one icons to insert at the same time, and as soon as your icons are within your worksheet you have got the capability to edit them in diverse ways by means of resizing, rotating, changing colourations and making use of numerous different visual effects.

New functions
As we all know, there couldn't possibly be an Excel software update without any new functions added, and Microsoft delivered on this expectation with several new, helpful functions that speed up your work and make your life easier while using Excel 2019. Microsoft has expanded the native functions Excel is capable of with many new functions to help you during your work. Some of these functions are improved versions of what already existed within Excel previously, but some new tools are accessible for customers to speed up productivity and make using Excel even easier. Just to list a few:

CONCAT function: Similar to the already existing CONCATENATE function, but it's even better. This function is easier to type and utilise due to the shortened length, but that isn't the only improvement, as this function supports range references as well as cell references. It combines text from multiple ranges or strings, however, it's important to note that it doesn't provide delimiter or IgnoreEmpty arguments.

IFS functions: If you've had enough of using overly complicated IF functions, this is your perfect solution. Using IFS, you can test if one or more conditions are met. The conditions you enter are tested in the order you specified, and if these conditions are met, the result will be returned. This makes it possible to use IFS instead of having to resort to utilising more than one nested IF statement.

SWITCH function: This is a function used to evaluate one expression against a list of values while keeping the order of the list, and returns the very first matching result it finds. In case none of the values matches, an optional default value ("else") is given as the result.

Excel 2019 includes a feature to detect accessibility issues in your document and suggest changes in order to ensure that your work is easily readable and editable for people who might have a difficult time understanding it without outside help or have disabilities that restrict them from fully appreciating and perceiving your work. With the Accessibility Checker, you can review these suggestions and implement them into your document in one click.

A new, integrated translator feature enables you to understand documents written in a foreign language with ease, without having to leave the application you’re working in. Just highlight the text you want to translate and select the tool to choose which language you want to translate to. You also occasionally receive multiple translations for words, which you can review and choose from with provided usage examples in both languages to ensure that your document is as understandable as it can be. You also have the option to translate whole files. When used, a copy of the translated document will open in another window, giving you the option to save both the original content and the translation.

Easier sharing and collaborating
You have the ability to save and share files in the cloud, meaning that you can access all of your data which has been uploaded to the cloud anywhere, anytime, as long as you have access to the internet. This also gives you the ability to share your documents using SharePoint or SkyDrive. From that point onwards, you have access to share your Excel documents, and the ability to work together on the same document with other people at the same time.

These new collaboration tools include easier sharing of your document in various ways. You can select people from a drop-down menu, or alternatively enter a name or email address of the person you want to share your document with and invite them to view or co-edit your work. After sharing your work, co-editors changes show up in real time with their names, making it easy to work in teams.

You can also track and review changes made to a workbook, and accept these changes manually to ensure no damage has been done to the file. The Simple Markup feature is helpful to track the changes that have been made to your document as time goes by and more people collaborate on the project. It provides a clean, easily understandable view of how different authors contributed to your file.


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System Requirements

These are minimum system requirements for installing Microsoft Excel 2019 Open Academic

General information

  • Includes: Microsoft Excel 2019

  • Number of users supported: 1 User

  • Number of devices supported: 1 Device

  • Number of installations supported: 1 Installation

  • License type: Perpetual

  • License term: Indefinite

  • Licensed use: Home and Commercial Use

  • Brand: Microsoft

System Requirements

  • Processor: 1.6 gigahertz (GHz) or faster, 2-core

  • Memory: 4 GB RAM; 2 GB RAM (32-bit)

  • Hard disk: 4.0 GB of available disk space

  • Display: 1280 x 768 screen resolution

  • Graphics: Graphics hardware acceleration requires DirectX 9 or later, with WDDM 2.0 or higher for Windows 10 (or WDDM 1.3 or higher for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update).

  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows Server 2019

Shipping & Returns


SaveOnIt strives to provide our customers with excellent assistance and to provide them with fair return services. To ensure our customers are satisfied with the product(s) they order, we offer two different types of product guarantees.

1. Physical Goods Product Guarantee:

All Physical goods have a 30 day Money Back Guarantee, given that the licenses are not activated per Microsoft’s EULA policy. Within 30 days of delivery, SaveOnIt will refund the full amount, minus the cost of shipping, on new, unopened items. Before returning any physical product, you must obtain authorization by contacting us by email at or phone at +1 888-565-9142.

SaveOnIt will pay the return shipping for incorrect or defective items for any Save on It Software shipping error. This estimate includes the shipping time back to our company, an authorization check, and refund processing. Refunds can only issued in the form of the original method of payment. If you receive an incorrect or defective item due to an error on our part and would like a replacement, SaveOnIt will pay the return shipping price for the incorrect item and ship the correct item out to the customer via upgraded shipping.

2. Electronic and Digital Goods:

For electronic delivery, SaveOnIt will process the product/license key through manufacturer verification to make sure the product has not yet been activated or tampered with, If the products have never been activated will activate your purchase 100% without any fees or any other charges.

If you are a customer and have bought a product key with us, you are protected by our Lifetime Product Warranty, which means your Digital licenses are 100% guaranteed for life to remain activated for the PC/MAC you have bought them for. If somehow your license has any issues get in touch with us via Live chat or and we’ll give you a replacement for your product immediately.

If you have not activated your products and would like to return your products, we will make sure the products are not tampered with, and refund you 100% of your purchase For Immediate refund inquiries please contact - or phone at +1 888-565-9142.

Refund Processing time

Customers can expect to receive a refund within 10 Business days.

Microsoft Office 365 - Non-Refundable! We are unable to send these keys back to Microsoft so we cannot refund any Office 365 purchases requires 30 day notice of cancellation. has a strict policy against defective goods being sent to our customers if you feel you have received any defective physical or digital product please contact us immediately on or phone at +1 888-565-9142, we will refund or replace 100% of your purchase no questions asked.


We can ship to nearly any address in the world. Note that there are restrictions on some products, and some products cannot be shipped to international destinations. When an order is placed online or through our customer service department, the estimated time frame for delivery is based upon several factors, including the destination, shipping method, and when the order was placed.
Most products ship same day. Here are estimated processing and delivery time frames for each shipping method:

  • Ground: 1-2 days processing time. 4 - 10 Business days for delivery.
  • Express Saver: 1-2 days processing time. 2 - 3 Business days for delivery.
  • Standard Overnight: 1-2 days processing time. 1 Business day for delivery.

Please keep in mind that these times are an estimation. Depending on product availability, it is possible your product may arrive on a sooner date.


If you purchase your product(s) and it states they have an electronic delivery method or download, you will receive the required product/license key by email the same day your order is confirmed.


As soon as your payment is successfully processed, you will receive a download link for your product and a product key. This process is usually between 15-20 minutes, if your order is delayed long than this please check the online account you have created on the site at the time of checkout.

The license for your product is a lifetime (perpetual) license. You may be required to purchase a new license with a new version of the product. In some cases, you might be eligible for an upgrade license that will allow you to upgrade at a discount price.

You can transfer your software to another computer that belongs to you, but this can only be done once every 90 days (exceptions can be made for hardware failure). The computer you transferred to becomes the licensed computer.

Yes, if you are the original licensed user, you may transfer your product license to another user. You must make sure the new user reads and agrees to the terms of the licence agreement before transfer. Before transferring the license to another computer, you must remove it from the current licensed computer.

With the exception of Office 365, your software can only be installed on one PC or Mac at a time.

We are an authorized licensed reseller of genuine Microsoft products. We purchase these products in bulk, which allows us to pass the savings on to our valued customers.

There is no time limit on software installation. You can install it immediately or wait until you purchase a computer. The product and license key will always be valid.

Yes, all of our products are full versions of genuine Microsoft products with legitimate license keys.

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