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While Microsoft Office in general is obviously a hugely popular option for both PCs and Macs, it is the Home & Business edition, in particular that sees some of the most use. The reason for that is its usability and its economy.

In short, the suite includes all the programs users need for everything from basic home use to medium-sized business requirements. It comes with all of the most popular programs available through Office, while it avoids the higher costs associated with the more advanced editions that come with programs most users don’t need.

For anyone who requires a suite of programs that handle their text, calculations, presentations, notes, and communication needs, Microsoft Office Home & Business is the right choice for them.

Why Choose Microsoft Office?

It all sounds great, but why should a new user choose Microsoft Office in the first place?

There are plenty of great reasons to use Microsoft Office. To begin with, it comes with 1.2 billion recommendations from its current set of users. It’s available and used everywhere, with the most popular file types of each program. Every Microsoft Office program sets the standard for that program type, leaving others to try to replicate those changes and choices.

Beyond its ubiquity, Office is also unique in its ability to create stable programs that are highly functional individually and together. What that means is that each program is able to handle its specialized purposes and able to work in an integrated way with the other Office programs. So, it’s easy to transfer information and images between Excel and Word, or Word and PowerPoint, or Outlook and Excel.

A final, crucially important advantage found in Office is its ability in every edition to combine extreme easy of use with extremely advanced capabilities. Some competitors may be simpler, but lack the more complex abilities. Others may have more features but lack the simplicity and speed of Office. None but Office are able to bring both qualities together.

What Comes in Microsoft Office Home & Business

While it’s probably already clear to most prospective users on this page that Office is the best option, it may be worth discussing why Home & Business in particular is the best option.

As mentioned above, Home & Business brings together all the programs that most people expect when they purchase Office. These include:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft OneNote

While other suites (like Home & Student) may be cheaper, they lack all the required programs. Others (like Professional and Professional Plus) have extra programs but come with a significantly higher price tag. Only Home & Business can provide all the best programs at the best price.

Program Descriptions for Microsoft Office Home & Business

The programs listed above are all well-known across every region of the world, but that doesn’t mean every prospective user knows everything those programs are capable of. To help highlight just what a user gets when they purchase Microsoft Office Home & Business, consider some of these highlights.

Microsoft Word

Your one-stop shop for all word processing, Microsoft Word has an incredible breadth of document creation capabilities. These include:

  • Essays and book reports
  • Invoices
  • Resumes and CVs
  • Letters, envelopes, and letterheads
  • Brochures and pamphlets
  • Calendars
  • Notes and checklists
  • Much more

Many of these document types can be designed automatically by Word through templates. Others are easy to create thanks to the well-laid out tools.

Regardless, Word makes it easy to work with words. It comes with spell checking, grammar checking, and autocomplete and autocorrections that allow users to create flawless documents that live up to every business standard.

Microsoft Excel

Numbers and other large sets of data can be intimidating. With Microsoft Excel, users are able to work more effectively with all their information. Thanks to the deceptively simple layout of rows and columns, data can be entered easily, organized, interpreted through calculations and graphs, and much more.

Excel makes data organization easier for users through automation, hyperlinks, and calculation formulas that can handle all sorts of advanced calculations. No matter whether the data focus is groceries or payroll, Excel can handle it.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Many users run into the need of explaining information that is a little dry or complex for a document. To spice up information delivery, there’s Microsoft PowerPoint, which allows users to easily create slideshow presentations that are well organized and flashy enough to hold everyone’s attention.

PowerPoint includes features like templates, animations, and transitions on a basic level, as well as the ability to accommodate all types of media (including text, images, audio, and video) on the slides. These presentations can then be sent around or presented in person depending on the preference of the creator.

Microsoft Outlook

Business (and life in general) requires a lot of organization, and unfortunately, it can’t all be done on a spreadsheet. When it comes to communication, contacts, and calendars, users need Outlook. This program has one of the best organized inboxes available, no matter the edition you choose to purchase, but that is really only the beginning of what Outlook has to offer.

There is also a calendar that syncs to the inbox and provides reminders to keep users aware of every event that’s coming up. The contacts allow for extensive amounts of information about each client, colleague, and friend to be available within a single click.

Outlook can also provide for shorter, more informal messaging, as well as file organizing, task management, among other abilities.

Microsoft OneNote

Certainly the least famous name on this list of programs, but for many, Microsoft OneNote is the most useful program of all. For those who work in note-intensive environments (with lots of seminars, meetings, and other information heavy events), OneNote makes it possible to keep notes that reflect the information the user is encountering. Users can add videos, audio files, images, links, drawings, handwriting, text, and more to the notebooks, which can then properly organize thoughts and information as it occurred in each moment.

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