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Businesses have spent decades finding success with Microsoft Office. In fact, recent figures have shown that 83% of businesses are using some version of Office for their software needs.

That number may be stunning at first, but considering the powerful capabilities and ease of use that each Office program provides, combined with the fact most clients, customers, partners, and competitors are using the same software, it seems like the most obvious choice.

However, while the vast majority of businesses know all too well just how functional and useful a Microsoft Office suite is to their enterprise, they may not know just how much they can get out of an upgraded suite.

Many of those businesses that make up that 83% figure use outdated editions of Office, or the use less advanced editions that lack some key programs that might further improve their future prospects.

Those businesses would do well to consider purchasing one of the more recent editions of Microsoft Office Professional, which comes with all the programs users have come to trust, plus some more advanced options for the more advanced needs of their business.

Why Businesses Love Microsoft Office Professional

Why would a business go to all the bother of replacing their current version of Office with Professional? That’s an important question for any business to consider before making a big purchase.

The answer is pretty straightforward: Professional provides businesses with everything they already have, then it adds more. With Professional, businesses get the core Office programs as well as Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Access (which will be discussed in more detail below).

What Businesses Can Expect When They Purchase Microsoft Office Professional

Professional users will be able to engage in a more powerful version of Office than they may be used to. It will be more possible than ever to communicate effectively with colleagues and clients, develop documents quickly that meet the exact needs of the moment, create more attractively designed publications, and get better data organization and data insights than in most of the other Office options.

Each Professional user will be able to use all of the following programs:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Microsoft Access

These programs work closely together to provide complete integration, making it simple to move data between programs. At the same time, the recent upgrades to Microsoft OneDrive and Office Online free business users to work on documents of all kinds anywhere.

There are also further upgrade capabilities, such as real-time co-authoring of documents, that enjoy even greater use in Microsoft Office Professional.

All in all, getting one of the more recent editions of Microsoft Office Professional frees up businesses to work more efficiently with their programs, while also adding new program options for more complex needs.

Program Descriptions for Microsoft Office Professional

While most computer users are at least somewhat aware of what some of the above programs do, it can still be instructive to take time and review the programs individually in a little more detail.

Microsoft Word

For any businessperson who works with text (so, all of them), Microsoft Word is perhaps the most useful application on the planet. Word is so reliable and so flexible, it is used constantly by people in just about every business conceivable.

That flexibility allows users to create any kind of text based document they might need. Just consider a short list of some of those options:

  • Memos and notes for meetings
  • Resumes and CVs
  • Letters, letterheads, and envelopes
  • Blog posts and webpages
  • Invoices
  • Reports
  • Essays
  • Brochures and pamphlets

That’s just the beginning. Each of the above options also has templates available that set up the documents automatically so no effort is required from the user.

Recent Word editions also include the ability to develop documents with other users in real-time, making changing and discussing them through messages sent within the document itself.

Microsoft Excel

A close second in the most useful business application department is Microsoft Excel, which has long been the top choice for businesses when organizing numbers and other data. One of the reasons for this is the vast number of graphs and charts that are available to help interpret data and show more dynamically all the trends that are occurring within it.

Excel also includes incredible automation and calculation abilities so that businesses save time and avoid errors by allowing their Excel file to do the hard work for them.

Recent Excel editions also include powerful business intelligence features that allow data to easily be integrated from other sources and then interpreted using Excel tools.

Microsoft PowerPoint

If a businessperson ever needs to give a speech or run a meeting, their go-to program choice is almost always Microsoft PowerPoint. The reason for this is way PowerPoint makes it easy to create entertaining and informative presentations. With templates available for easy and attractive slide layouts, transitions and animations to keep viewer eyes entertained, and the ability to add all the different sorts of media needed (including text, image, audio, video, and links), PowerPoint has helped simplify presentation preparation across the world.

Microsoft OneNote

What’s the best way to keep track of all that information being given during speeches, in meetings, and at seminars? The answer is Microsoft OneNote, which allows users to bring together all the different media related to a particular topic. Type out notes or write by hand on your tablet, add images and photos, record some important audio or video from a key section of the discussion, and then stitch it together so you never miss anything.

Microsoft Outlook

If a business is looking for a way to increase productivity, it almost always comes in the form of organization. Microsoft Outlook can help improve that in many ways. There’s the quality inbox design that organizes email and allows for messages to be sent more efficiently. There are the calendars and task managers that sync to the email to keep users up-to-date on upcoming events. And then there are the extensive contact lists and short messaging abilities that make it easier to stay in contact.

Microsoft Publisher

A Professional (and Professional Plus) exclusive, Microsoft Publisher adds an extra level of design quality to the documents you need clients, customers, and colleagues to view. Whether you want to make a postcard, an office calendar, a business card, or a brochure for your business, Publisher can make it look like it came from the professional you are.

Microsoft Access

Businesses have a lot of complex data to work with. Often, there are thousands or even millions of orders to keep track of, hundreds or thousands of employees to organize, and millions or billions of dollars in investments to sort through.

These numbers are simply too vast for Excel. In such situations, businesses need Microsoft Access, for a more advanced database. Access includes plenty of automation and business intelligence capabilities that help make data organization easier.

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