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Microsoft Powerpoint 2019 for Mac

Microsoft Powerpoint 2019 for Mac

Brand: Microsoft SKU: ppt2019mac
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Microsoft Powerpoint 2019 for Mac

● New Presenter View option provides you the option to see essential notes, controls, and previous and upcoming slides while the audience only sees the current slide

● Six new data display charts added to the PowerPoint collection

● Collaboration allows you to see side by side comparisons of slides with conflicting changes to easily resolve issues

● History Tracking allows you to see the full list of changes that have been made to the PowerPoint presentation.

● A large variety of new visual effects including 3D models and online video all add to the overall aesthetic of your slides

Microsoft Powerpoint 2019 is here for users who want to take their presentation-making skills to the next level. This newest addition of Powerpoint grants tons of new features, optimization improvements, and all of that for an affordable price.

Powerpoint 2019 represents a huge step forward, introducing new data displays that will display your data in a more comprehensive way.

Those new charts will let you implement the rich formatting, allowing you to create visually-stunning presentations. Whether you’re a professor or a student trying to impress your mentor,Powerpoint 2019 will do the job just fine! Microsoft also reworked collaboration capabilities thus giving Powerpoint 2019 a clear edge over the other similar products.



Presenter View

A brand new feature from Microsoft, the Presenter View allows you to show the audience the current slide while you are able to access other information at the same time. This includes looking at previous and upcoming slides, notes to yourself while presenting and controls for you to use seamlessly throughout your presentation.

All of your information is right there for you to see so there is no need to overload slides or use cards to remember additional information. You are in full control so there is no need to worry about trying to remember everything or stressing to recite it as rehearsed.

Brand New Data Display Charts

New data displays are the highlight of Powerpoint 2019 for Mac. Visualization is a very important tool in displaying your presentations properly and this software got you covered.

With tons of old, already beautiful charts, Microsoft added six new charts that will reinvent the way you work on your presentations. You can now completely customize every chart and presentation layout to create your own, unique style. Forget everything you knew about Powerpoint charts – new charts are here and they’ll blow you away!

Conflict Free Collaboration

Keeping your business up and running is all about collaboration. With this in mind, Powerpoint 2019 lets you collaborate with your colleagues and work on your project in the group.

Powerpoint 2019 allows you to change your presentation the way you or your team want. Each slide can be edited and you’ll see a comprehensive side-by-side comparison of each change you and your team made. You can then decide to keep or discard the changes as you go in collaboration with your team. It keeps things simple and avoids unneeded tension within the team.

History Tracking

History tracking lets you track every single change you’ve made to your presentation. Thanks to its easy-to-use interface, Powerpoint 2019 shows every version of the document for easier recovery. This allows you to go back to previous designs, reference previous slides and never worry about losing information as you go. Accessing the earlier versions is, however, available for OneDrive for Business and SharePoint users.

Fantastic New Features

Get ready to stand out using new Powerpoint 2019 features. This software comes with the tools of the trade needed for creating a second to none presentation that will impress even you! Features like the Presenter View allow you to see every slide, including previous slides and upcoming slides, while your audience sees just the current slide. This way, you’re in a full control over your work!

The 2019 version of Microsoft PowerPoint also features 3D models that allow you to show images from a variety of angles, or simply help the image stand out more.

The other new display settings include a zoom that allows you to jump to specific slides with easy to use navigation, text highlighters to emphasize portions of text in a variety of different colors, and easy backgrounds to remove and edit the slide backgrounds without having to rely on the basic rectangle editing system.

Other new features include digital ink that allows you to write and draw with portable, customizable pens. Morph transitions make going from slide to slide seamless and Microsoft’s library of 500 icons can easily be added into your presentation.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 has also improved the video, audio and graphics options as well. You can now insert and scale vector graphics without worrying about losing information or clarity with resizing. You can also convert the scale vector graphics to a Microsoft Office shape so you can edit individual pieces of it.

You can also record a video or audio narration right into you PowerPoint slides. Online video can now be played directly on the slide without having to click a link to go to a separate webpage.

You can also edit videos down to exactly what you want to show in your slide without skipping to different time codes. If you do want to stick to the old hyperlink method, you can now choose from a variety of colors rather than just the standard blue.


  • Operating systems supported: OS X Version 10.13
  • Platform supported: Mac
  • Minimum processor speed: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
  • Minimum hard drive space: 2.5 Gb
  • Minimum memory: 1 Gb
  • Minimum RAM: 4 Gb; 2 GB (32-bit)

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