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Microsoft Project Professional 2013 Open License

Works On:

* The installation requires a minimum installation configuration. See System Requirements Icons
Microsoft Project Professional 2013 Open License



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Microsoft Project Professional 2013 Open License

Microsoft Project Professional 2013 Open License

Brand: Microsoft

Works On:

* The installation requires a minimum installation configuration. See System Requirements Icons

$ 849 .99
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Digital download, no hard copy will be shipped.

Microsoft Project Professional 2013 Open License

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  • Microsoft Project Professional 2013 Open License

    Microsoft Project Professional 2013 Open License

    Microsoft Project 2013

    • Professional edition
    • Incredibly fast delivery time
    • For one user or one device
    • Supports up to one installation
    • Perpetual, indefinite, Open License
    • Licensed for both Home and Commercial use


    About Project

    Microsoft Project is a task administration software, created and distributed by the Microsoft company. Its initial release was all the way back in the year 1984, meaning that the software has been through many changes and re-branding since it was first introduced to the public eye. This was Microsoft’s third application that is primarily for Windows, and it didn’t take a long time for Project to skyrocket and claim an important spot when it comes to PC-based project management. Its most known uses include easy project management when constructing plans, distributing and assigning different assets to projects, creating financial plans and managing workloads. Despite being a part of the Microsoft Office family, Project is not sold as an independent software, and at the time of writing does not have a Mac version release either.

    We already established that Microsoft Project 2013 Professional is a powerful tool that makes management easier by offering powerful control and monitoring capabilities in all stages of project development and fulfilment. When developing and implementing new features into Project 2013 Professional, Microsoft had a challenge - the public demanded them to retain Project's status as the industry standard project management software. Integration also became an important part of the industry, meaning that already existing Office users were looking for integration capabilities for all systems.

    With Microsoft Project 2013 Professional, not even the smallest of details get ignored, as even small information can become vital later on. This user-friendly, helpful and effective tool lets you and your project managers work effectively and accurately by aiding calculations, assigning resources and manage different types of project details with just a couple of clicks.

    Key elements of Project 2013 Professional

    In order to fully understand the software, it is important to know the core elements of it and understand some of its terminologies to their fullest. Luckily, Project 2013 Professional can be broken down into a few really important parts, and learning about these will allow you to navigate the application with ease. With that being said, the key elements of Microsoft Project 2013 Professional are the following:

    • Resources
    • Allocation
    • Scheduling
    • Predecessor & Successor
    • Gant Chart
    • Critical Path

    Resources are referred to as profiles, which are crucially needed in order to perform particular tasks in Project 2013 Professional, and other versions of it as well. Resources can be anything, for example, if your project is about testing something, your resources would be people: test engineers, business analysts, defect managers and more; meaning that the resources required to perform a task are people. Materials can also be resources: if you are building a house, your resources are more likely to consist of materials such as bricks, windows, concrete and other objects.

    Allocation is almost self-explanatory, it simply refers to as assigning the resources you are working with to a particular task.

    Scheduling is one of the most important parts of Microsoft Project 2013 Professional. There are two types of scheduling that you can use: manual scheduling and automatic scheduling.

    Predecessors are tasks which are proceeding before a particular task. In simple words, they are tasks which happen before particular other tasks can happen. The opposite of this is successors, which is the exact vice-versa of predecessors, meaning that successors are tasks that will take place after a particular task has already been executed.

    What we have next is the Gant chart. It can be found on the right corner of your screen, and they are represented by horizontal, blue lines. They show you the overall duration of your project with the defined limitation or restriction.

    Last but not least comes the Critical Path. It is defined as the longest duration in the network diagram.

    What is Open License?

    Project 2013 Professional is an excellent choice if your company is in need of a project management software, it is designed for small to medium-sized businesses in mind, and the open licensing on this product further reinforces that. This product is an open license, meaning it is for government organizations, charities, health organizations, educational institutions, qualifying 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, and multinational organizations, who are looking to outfit all of their PCs through the organization rather than by buying individual licenses. Open licensing is the most cost-effective and lowest up-front cost to install Microsoft Office products throughout your entire organization.  Buy Microsoft 2013 Pro today for smoother project design across your company.

  • Microsoft Project 2013 Professional for sure remained a very handy tool for project managers that helps develop all kinds of things ranging from schedules to assigning resources to tasks, even tracking the progress of a project, manage the budget and even analyse different parts of an ongoing project. Microsoft Project 2013 Professional is able to help you get started on your projects quickly and efficiently with its powerful, built-in templates that allow you to give your work a headstart by providing a foundation you can later customise and build on top of. The familiar feel and look for Project 2013 Professional makes it easy for older users to adapt to the new interface and execute commands quickly with the scheduling tools. You can even access your files across many devices to help you, your team or your assigned project managers to stay productive from various sources and locations if needed.

    New look

    The first thing that you will obviously notice when opening Microsoft Project 2013 Professional is the new, sharp look of the application. Just like every other Office suite application, Project also received a design overhaul to fit the other software that can be found in the suite, which means a new design to play around with. Fret not, the design still remains clean and easy to read, meaning that if you have already familiarised yourself with a different release of Microsoft Project, you can still easily get used to the new look.

    Burndown reports

    You can use Burndown reports to show planned work, work that has already been completed and even the remaining work that has to be done - all on one single graph. This gives you and anyone who has access to your project an easy to understand method of quickly gaining insight as to how the project is coming along, understand the status and even notice crucial things such as the project being behind and even ahead of the planned schedule. You can effectively and easily create these charts from within Microsoft Project 2013 Professional itself, without the need of having to go through the hassle of exporting your data and using an external application to create these charts for you, thus saving often tremendous amounts of time and energy.

    Get started quickly with templates

    The use of templates has become something most of us do in our work, which is not surprising because of the benefits a well put together template can bring to the table. First and foremost, you could save precious time by using a pre-made template, allowing you to focus more on other important things such as the content in your documents. Within Microsoft Project 2013 Professional, templates have another advantage going for them: it is extremely easy to customise the templates Microsoft offers. You can input your information within mere seconds, change colours and even the entire composition of the template, allowing you to build your own, unique ideas on top of a powerful foundation. Project 2013 Professional allows you to choose from a huge range of templates, while also giving you the ability to start with a Blank Canvas if you decide to start from scratch.

    Communication with your team

    Keeping in touch with the people you work with is extremely important, so Project 2013 Professional makes it easy to stay in touch with your team members right from within the application itself. You can use this to ask questions, get updates on the progress of other people and even have discussions with them without having to leave Project and use any instant messaging application, send each other emails or meet up in person. You can simply hover over someone's name and click on the options that offer you an instant messaging conversation, a video chat, sending an email or even starting a phone call. Please note that you need to have Lync 2010 or later installed on your device to be able to use this feature.

    Save and share to the cloud

    With Project 2013 Professional, you can save and share your files directly from or to the cloud. In simple words, the cloud is storage that you can access from anywhere, meaning that you can access your files anywhere, anytime, as long as you are connected to the internet. With Project 2013 Professional, you can save your files to the cloud with ease by using OneDrive or saving to the side of your organisation. Once you have that done, you can access and share your things. This is a feature available across every Office 2013 application.

    Graphical reports

    Microsoft Project 2013 Professional has new ways to display data including a new set of customizable report templates, which create eye-catching designs without having to spend a lot of time building the framework for your designs. With the help of Microsoft Project 2013 Professional, you can easily and quickly create professional looking, sharp, colourful and easy to understand reports, eliminating the need to export your data and use another program to get the job done. You can add images, animation, links, charts and much more - you can clearly display and share your project status information with your team members.

    Professional Edition features

    Microsoft Project 2013 Professional can help you to see how the budget is being spent in every department. It increases accountability across the board, so all investors and team leaders can see where budgets are and where they are heading. Project 2013 Professional also integrates easily with Office 365. This integration has been popular among users who are already using Office 365 for the latest Microsoft software. By connecting to Office 365, Project 2013 Professional enables data sharing through a dedicated project team site, enables task list synchronization, and cloud updates. This is especially great for remote workers who may be working across time zones and long distances. You can easily integrate files now using SharePoint so that all of your coworkers can easily find them in one place.

    Another fantastic feature is new project templates, so you can just fill in your information and move forward without having to worry too much about the design. These new templates adjust to data accordingly and can also be edited with ease. Project 2013 Professional also includes better presentation tools for designing and printing reports with ease. With the new Task Path feature, project managers can see the path for specific tasks while juggling large schedules. With a new modern interface, Professional Pro 2013 takes all the guesswork out of finding new features and assigning tasks. With its customizable process workflows, you can make sure that everything is lined up to your liking to get things done more quickly and easily. Microsoft Project 2013 Professional can definitely help project managers plan better with improved communication, collaboration, monitoring tasks, and more.

    While you still have the ability to use every single feature available in the Standard edition, such as Currency settings, Global files, Multi-user access, Offline file access and Inactive resources, there are many features that are limited to only be used within Project 2013 Professional. Below is a list of features only available in the Professional edition - reviewing this can help you evaluate whether or not you should purchase the Professional edition, or if settling for the Standard edition would be a good choice for you and/or your company. An entire, in-depth comparison can be found on Microsoft’s official website.

    • Admin check-in commands
    • Enterprise global template
    • Enterprise custom fields
    • Enterprise resources
    • Build team from Enterprise
    • Generic resources
    • Summary resource assignments
    • Project versions
    • Project Data Services
    • Portfolio Analyzer
    • Resource Substitution Wizard
    • Portfolio Modeler
    • Resource Center
  • When installing Microsoft Project Professional 2013 Open License on a device, make sure it meets all of the following system requirements:

    • Processor: 1 GHz or faster
    • Memory: 1 GB or more in 32-bit edition; 2 GB or more in 64-bit edition
    • Available Hard Drive Space: 3 GB or more
    • Operating System: Windows 7 or later / Windows Server 2008 R2 or later
    • Screen Resolution: 1024 x 576
    • Graphics: DirectX 10
  • 4.5 / 5.0


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