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Microsoft SQL Server 2012 CAL Edition

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 CAL Edition
MFR # 359-05689

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Microsoft SQL Server 2012 CAL Edition

All users, internal and external, who are using data, whether that is developing, programming, reporting, or using an application, on a Microsoft SQL server must be licensed to access that server.  

Microsoft has three types of licensing for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Edition. Client Access Licenses (CALs) are a single license to access, query, display, or use the database on the SQL server in any way.

CALs work well for very small businesses where a limited number of people will use the SQL server database, or for groups or departments, where only a few people will have access to the server.

The other two types of licensing are designed for larger organizations, with core licensing tied to the server’s processor(s) and enterprise licensing, which gives unlimited access to the databases on your SQL server.

Microsoft SQL Server licensing can be confusing. At SaveOnIT, we know that, and we can help you determine which type of licensing is best for your business needs. And since SaveOnIT has the lowest prices on Microsoft SQL Server products online, we can save you money with your purchase.

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition is integrated with Microsoft SQL Azure, enabling you to scale your databases from within your applications out to the cloud. Tools that handle resource pooling, self-service management and utility-like operations give you the support to use Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition in virtualized environments.


Database Recovery Advisor gives database administrators better options in how they restore databases with SQL Server Management Studio. SQL Server Management Studio has been enhanced to offer fully redundant cloud backups with the new capability of moving logical copies of SQL Server databases directly to Microsoft SQL Azure.

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition makes it easier to manage access levels to and standard format of databases on both the server and in deployed applications for individual users and groups.

Database migration has also been simplified in Microsoft SQL 2012 Standard Edition, with the ability to create self-contained databases with all the metadata, security controls and user access. When you move these databases, no setup is required. This is a huge time-saver for DBAs.

Integrations Services has made integrating data from multiple sources simpler in Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition, which greatly enhances data capturing and display.

Because information management is a crucial part of business, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition has simplified content management as an integrated part of applications.

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition gives you the capability of extending data across heterogeneous environments with industry standard APIs like ODBC and JDBC using a variety of programming platforms.

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SQL Server System Requirements

These are minimum system requirements for installing Microsoft SQL Server 2012 CAL Edition

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Version RAM CPU
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Standard 32-Bit 1 GB 1GHz Pentium III-compatible processor or higher
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Standard 64-Bit 1 GB 1.4GHz AMD Opteron, AMD Athlon 64, Intel Xeon with Intel EM64T support, Intel Pentium IV with EM64T support

Minimum Disk Space Requirements for Each Module

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Module Disk Space Needed
Database Engine and data files, Replication, Full-Text Search, and Data Quality Services 811 MB
Analysis Services and data files 345 MB
Reporting Services and Report Manager 304 MB
Integration Services 591 MB
Client Components (other than SQL Server Books Online components and Integration Services tools) 1823 MB
SQL Server Books Online 200 MB

Minimum Software Requirements

This software must be installed on the server where you will be running Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition:

  • Internet Explorer 7 or a more recent version is needed for Microsoft Management Console (MMC), SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT), the Report Designer component of Reporting Services, and HTML Help.
  • Although Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Standard does not install or enable Windows PowerShell 2.0, having Windows PowerShell 2.0 installed is a prerequisite for Database Engine components and SQL Server Management Studio.
  • If Setup reports that Windows PowerShell 2.0 is not installed, you can install or enable it by following the instructions from Microsoft on the Windows Management Framework page.
  • .NET 3.5 SP1 is a requirement for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition when you choose Database Engine, Reporting Services, Replication, Master Data Services, Data Quality Services, or SQL Server Management Studio. However, .NET 3.5 SP1 is no longer installed by SQL Server Setup.
  • If you run Setup on a computer with either the Microsoft Windows Vista SP2 OS or Microsoft Windows Server 2008 SP2 OS, and you do not have .NET 3.5 SP1, then SQL Server Setup prompts you to download and install.NET 3.5 SP1 before it will continue the SQL Server installation.
  • The error message includes a link to the Microsoft download center, or you can download .NET 3.5 SP1 from Windows Update. To prevent interruption during SQL Server Setup, you should download and install .NET 3.5 SP1 prior to running SQL Server Setup.
  • If you run Setup on a computer with the Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 OS, .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 must be enabled before you begin installing Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition.
  • .NET 4.0 is a requirement for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition, and SQL Server Setup installs .NET 4.0 during the feature installation step.

SQL Server Setup installs the following required software components:

  • .NET Framework 4 1
  • SQL Server Native Client
  • SQL Server Setup support files


Refund Policy

We work hard to make sure your software download and installation process is as seamless as possible. However, once a product key is deployed for your purchase, we cannot accept product cancellations once the key has been activated or an attempt to activate it has taken place. If you encounter any issues when installing your new software purchase, our technical support team will help troubleshoot your installation.

How can we help with the installation process? Our customer support is available 24x7 to give you expert technical help should you need it. If we can't activate your software, we will replace the product key free of charge within 90 days of purchase.

For more information be sure to check out our full Orders & Returns page.

End-User License Agreement

In keeping with our customer support, we please refer to our full End-User License Agreement.


As soon as your payment is successfully processed, you will receive a download link for your product and a product key. This process is usually between 15-20 minutes, if your order is delayed long than this please check the online account you have created on the site at the time of checkout.

The license for your product is a lifetime (perpetual) license. You may be required to purchase a new license with a new version of the product. In some cases, you might be eligible for an upgrade license that will allow you to upgrade at a discount price.

You can transfer your software to another computer that belongs to you, but this can only be done once every 90 days (exceptions can be made for hardware failure). The computer you transferred to becomes the licensed computer.

Yes, if you are the original licensed user, you may transfer your product license to another user. You must make sure the new user reads and agrees to the terms of the licence agreement before transfer. Before transferring the license to another computer, you must remove it from the current licensed computer.

With the exception of Office 365, your software can only be installed on one PC or Mac at a time.

We are an authorized licensed reseller of genuine Microsoft products. We purchase these products in bulk, which allows us to pass the savings on to our valued customers.

There is no time limit on software installation. You can install it immediately or wait until you purchase a computer. The product and license key will always be valid.

Yes, all of our products are full versions of genuine Microsoft products with legitimate license keys.

We are here to help you with your order and installation every step of the way

Call our customer support team 24/7 at +1 888-565-9142 to get started! Chat with us now

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Microsoft SQL Server 2012 CAL Edition

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