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Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Full License

Works On:

* The installation requires a minimum installation configuration. See System Requirements Icons
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Full License


MPN: 39C-00003


Digital download, no hard copy will be shipped.

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Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Full License

Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Full License

Brand: Microsoft

Works On:

* The installation requires a minimum installation configuration. See System Requirements Icons

$ 69 .00
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MPN: 39C-00003


Digital download, no hard copy will be shipped.

Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Full License

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  • Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Full License

    Windows 7 Ultimate Full License

    Microsoft Windows 7

    • Ultimate Edition

    • Full license

    • Lifetime (perpetual) license

    • Fast delivery

    • Easy installation


    Only a few software releases have ever had the same extreme amount of success and excessive praise as Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 7. It was such a revelation as an operating system that it has remained popular even almost a decade after its initial release. With features that users have grown to love and cherish, as well as processing that allows customers to do all they expect and demand out of their device, there are still plenty of excellent reasons to purchase Windows 7 on a new or even an older compatible device; especially because it’s an affordable option even to businesses and corporations who need a flexible, fast and secure operating system.


    One of the greatest benefits of Microsoft Windows and one that is often overlooked is just how flexible it is to meet the needs of different types of users. While most people are content with the Home or Professional editions of the operating system, Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate has the full Microsoft Windows 7 customisable desktop environment, with the new taskbar that gives you quick access to your folders, files, and applications, as well as to system features. However, Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate has some unique features that are geared toward more tech-savvy users as well to differentiate itself from the lower-end editions, as this is the most advanced version of Windows 7 to date.

    With Windows 7 Ultimate, you get a well-designed, stable, and attractive operating system that is easy to navigate, so you can find all your programs and all your favourite features without stressing over wasting time searching while also providing information technology professionals with the technical features they are looking for in an operating system. Its design is appealing and its capabilities meet beyond basic home and basic business needs. It was developed to be easily accessible and user-friendly for customers no matter what type of work you need to use it for. In that sense, it’s a streamlined operating system that makes it easy for you to handle your business and have some fun without burdening you with anything you don’t need.


  • Features

    How can Windows 7 Ultimate keep up with even the latest releases? It’s all about the features. Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate is a tech-friendly operating system that has four foundational pillars: stability, expandability, technical agility, and enhanced security.


    Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate is a very good choice for computer programmers, hardware engineers, and software engineers. In addition to the user-friendly interface that the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system family was designed with, you also have to highly-technical functions that help you work more productively in a very secure environment.


    Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate is hands-down the best choice for computer technology professionals. Not only do you get the stability and ease of use that Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate offers, but you also get a wide variety of technical capabilities that enable you to use this operating system in your working environment and also in testing and building environments.


    Microsoft has done an excellent job with ensuring high compatibility with other programs and devices, so you can on Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate running virtually-problem free for years to come as well.


    The customisation available to customers is one of the nice additions to Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate. You can use built-in themes or your own pictures with a variety of colour schemes, fonts, and much more to create your own unique desktop and Windows experience.


    The taskbar at the bottom of the desktop is a beautiful addition to Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate. Navigation to programs, documents, photos, audio files, and videos, as well as to your computer and any peripherals is easy using the Start button on the left-hand side of the taskbar. You can also pin programs you use all the time to the taskbar for easy access from your desktop.

    Expanded memory

    Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate gives you room to expand your PC. It supports up to 192 GB of RAM (for the 64-bit version) and up to 2 CPUs.

    Technical capabilities

    The technical capabilities of Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate are what make it an excellent choice for people in the information services field. Among these capabilities are:


    • BitLocker Drive Encryption, which allows you to encrypt your entire hard drive.

    • AppLocker, which gives you the ability to prevent software from running on your PC.

    • BranchCache, which gives you faster file access across a wide-area network.

    • Direct booting from a virtual hard disk (VHD) file with or without a host operating system.

    • DirectAccess, which allows you to use mobile devices to stay connected to your computer.

    • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) upgrades.

    Internet Explorer

    Internet Explorer is included with Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate. Like everything else in Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Internet Explorer also gives you a lot of customizable features, from creating a custom home page that comes up when you open Internet Explorer to saving favourite websites for easy access. You also can fine-tune Internet Explorer’s security features by allowing or blocking pop-up windows, adding websites to safe or blocked lists, and by defining security levels for internet access.

    Protected data

    System and data protection are also improved in Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate. You are now able to set access permissions on files, folders, drives, and the network, ensuring that all of your information is secure and malicious-threat proofed.

    BitLocker encryption

    Encryption is one of the best ways to fight off any data loss and hacking threats. BitLocker allows businesses to create high-level encryption for entire drives worth of data. This encryption can be with 128-bit or 256-bit keys.

    BitLocker ToGo USB encryption

    It isn’t just your drives that are under threat, travelling devices can also be sources of data loss. BitLocker ToGo helps prevent any data loss on a USB by using the same type of encryption on the USB.

    Improved networking

    Big businesses have vast networks that have to service hundreds or thousands of devices every day. To keep the network running at the highest level of efficiency and speed, it needs to improve its bandwidth wherever possible. Windows 7 Ultimate includes better compression technology so that every time media streamed, or files are shared, it takes up far less bandwidth.

    External databases

    Not all data is always kept on the network. Windows 7 Ultimate accommodates the need to set up external databases that can be accessed through Internet Explorer. That way, users can search these databases for all their required data and continue to work on their device and on the network.


  • System Requirements

    • Processor: 1GHz or faster 64-bit (x64) processor

    • RAM: 2GB for the 64-bit Version

    • Hard Drive Space: 20GBs of free storage

    • Other Requirements: WDDM 1.0 or higher driver with DirectX 9 or higher

    Other requirements

    • Video Playback: additional memory and graphics hardware

    • Home media capabilities: TV tuner and other hardware

    • Windows Touch: touch-based software

    • HomeGroup: an established network and more than one PC

    • BitLocker: Trusted Platform Module 1.2

  • 4.5 / 5.0


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