Microsoft Office 2019 is a standalone, local (not cloud-based, like Office 365) version of the Microsoft Office software suite. It is called a “perpetual” release, which means you buy the software once and own it forever instead of paying an annual subscription fee to access it. You get a single license to use it on one PC. Word is a part of the Microsoft Office suite. It is one of the core programs found in all versions of Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Word has been the leading word processor for decades, but today’s Word, and particularly Word 2019, is much more than a word processor. Sure, you can use it for writing, but you can also use it as a complete desktop publishing tool. With its advanced features, great cloud integration, and tools that let you do anything with it that can be done in many desktop programs, Word 2019 is more powerful than it’s ever been. In fact, most people who use it don’t even touch on a fraction of the features it offers. In this Word 2019 buyer’s guide, let’s take a look at some of what you might be overlooking in Microsoft Word.

New Word 2019 Highlights

Let’s first look at some of the highlights of the latest version of Microsoft Word 2019. There are some very cool changes since Word 2016. Word 2019 offers new ways to work with documents, starting with improved digital pen features, book-like page navigation, exceptional learning tools, and excellent translation. These make Word 2019 more exciting than ever.

Improved collaboration features are right up front on the list of new things to love about Word 2019. Now when someone you’re working with makes changes to a document, you'll see they are working with you and you will be able to see the changes they make as they make them. Comments appear beside relevant text too, letting you easily take in what’s being changed and who is changing something. This allows for better, more immediate collaboration. If you need to add someone to the document, a drop-down menu lets you choose someone to share with by name or by email, making it easy to share a document without even leaving the document. There are colored flags that help you keep track of who is making changes at a glance.

Improved and Integrated Design and Edit Features

Use Styles for headings, paragraphs, or to apply consistent font, font size, font color, and spacing throughout your document. This makes it easier to create a more professional document. You can select an entire document or select the words, paragraph, list, or table you want to apply a style to. Apply themes document wide, use improved spelling and grammar tools, and find and replace text easier than before. Word 2019 gives you all the familiar tools you’re used to working with, but with improved performance and complete integration with the new tools provided in Word 2019.

Tools for Easier Reading and a More
Natural Writing

Whether you're reading and writing in a language you're not familiar with, or you simply want to make reading easier, Word 2019 improves your ability to communicate and absorb the information you’re reading. If you use a pen-enabled device, you can take advantage of enhancements to drawing and handwriting. If you work with math, Word 2019 now supports LaTeX syntax. Word 2019 also lets you translate text to and from another language. Now you easily translate an entire document in Word or just select specific sections for translation.In Word 2019, you can insert graphics of all types, including 3D models you’ll be able to rotate 360 degrees. You can add icons and SVGs, use advanced image features to create powerful teaching documents, and create professional documents of any kind with a wide range of tools that rival any desktop publishing program on the market.

If you’re only using Word 2019 for text-based documents, you’re missing an opportunity to shine. The style features, advanced graphic capabilities, and enhanced tools in Word 2019 make the newest version of Word one of the most powerful tools your company can have at its disposal.

Improvements to Accessibility

Microsoft Word 2019 introduces some great improvements to accessibility. Word 2019 helps ensure your documents are accessible to people of all abilities. There’s an Accessibility Checker with updated support for international standards and recommendations to make your documents more accessible to people with disabilities. You can easily implement suggestions with a single click right in the pane. You can add sound effects to enhance the power of your documents and implement much easier document navigation. Now, Instead of scrolling continuously, you can choose to flip through pages like a book with Side to Side view. On touch screen devices, you can use your finger to page through your document, and if you don’t have touch, the horizontal scroll bar or mouse wheel offers book-style navigation.

There’s also an easy way to find attachments and know which documents are shared with you. If you work with many people, it can get crazy. In Word 2019, never be overwhelmed again. If you have a 365 subscription, you can easily find out which documents have been shared with you and who you are working with. This lets you get better organized and helps keep you on track. Less confusion means more productivity.

If you are a new user to Word, you will find Word 2019 full of features that make it easier to accomplish more with less effort. Whether you are a student who needs to create thesis papers in MLA or APA, a businessman who needs to create complex sales reports, advertising materials, training materials, or documents of any kind, Word 2019 offers all the tools you need to get the job done. Maybe you’re simply a writer who is writing the Great American Novel. Word 2019 brings you more powerful tools to get the job done.

Go from Conception to Completion

The great thing about Microsoft Word 2019 is its 360 degree approach to working on a project. This has always been one of our favorite things about Word, but it gets even better in Word 2019. There is no need to use another program to work on a project of any kind, whether its a simple paper, a newsletter, or a novel. It all starts and ends in Word 2019. Whether you’re working alone or collaborating with a group, there’s really not a better way to do it than with Word 2019. Not only are the collaboration tools top of the line, there are new research tools that let you find what you need without ever leaving Word. School papers, historical information for a story you’re writing, and facts of all kind are easier than ever to retrieve using the advanced features and improved search functions in Word 2019. Now you can find and implement the information you need with a mouse click.

Writing has never been easier than it is with Word 2019’s new focus mode. Take away the clutter and concentrate on what’s really important. Focus on your words and get it all down. If you are working with others, use the collaboration tools and see comments right next to relative text for a quick overview of what your writing partner is doing. Chat real time about the work in progress and seamlessly integrate notes and changes on the spot. When it’s all done, apply styles to create a consistent professional document across the board. You can use advanced editing features in Word 2019 to format your document exactly the way you want it, then save it in several different formats.

Whether you want to format a simple MLA paper or an entire novel, you can do it with Word 2019. You can even publish directly from Word 2019. Upload to the cloud, share your document with anyone anywhere, or deliver finished print-ready document to almost any platform.

Better Performance in Word 2019

Word 2019 will only run on Windows 10. That’s one of the biggest system requirements. It does have better performance, but if you don’t use the Windows 10 operating system, you won’t be able to run Office 2019. This is a part of Microsoft’s big move to push its latest operating system, but part of the reason the requirement is in place is that the newest version of Office, along with all its components, is really designed around the structure of Windows 10. It’s a big part of the reason there is such a focus on integration of all the products. Microsoft has been leaning toward this kind of integration for years, and with Office 2019, it really begins to come into play.

All of this means you get better performance, more advanced cloud functionality, and a more consistent experience across the board. By now, a lot of users have moved to Windows 10, even if begrudgingly, but if not, now may be the time to do so, especially if you want to take advantage of Office 2019 and all its wonderful features.

Should You Upgrade to Word 2019

With all the hoopla that has led up to the release of Office 2019, many users wonder if it will be worth it. The short answer is yes. Whether you need Word 2019 or you are one of those users that will take advantage of the entire Microsoft Office 2019 suite, the latest versions of these products bring enough to the table to make it worth upgrading. It’s a new world, both for business and school, and you can’t afford not to have the best tools at your disposal. With the 2019 release of MS Office, Microsoft leaves everything else in the dust. Word 2019, which is one of the star components of Office 2019, is the ultimate word processing programs in the world, both for PC users and Mac users. The new version makes it even more attractive to long-time users and to new users as well.

Maybe you’re hesitant about upgrading. Maybe you like your older versions of Microsoft Office. In the past, there has always been a question of whether or not you needed to upgrade. That is all in the past. Microsoft is moving ahead in leaps and bounds, and the way the company is changing its products, upgrading is a better idea than its been in the past. Older versions of Office are losing support from Microsoft, and while they will still work, there will be no new features and no updates to the software. This means you will lack the ability to work with others or work as effectively as you can with today’s Microsoft products.

All of the new features available across the board will let you take any project to the next level. Microsoft Word 2019 is hands down the best word processing software on the market, with a myriad of new features that give you desktop publishing power. There really is no better option out there for business owners, students, and even casual home users. Microsoft Office 2019, and Word 2019 in particular, delivers a brand-new experience all the way around. New features and tools, better performance, and expanded capabilities make Microsoft Word 2019 a no-brainer for anyone who wants the best, most advanced word processing power money can buy. If you’re running a business, going to school, teaching, writing a novel, or simply creating content for an ever-growing marketplace, Word 2019 delivers all the features.