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Windows Server 2019 Standard Core Licenses

Works On:

* The installation requires a minimum installation configuration. See System Requirements Icons
Windows Server 2019 Standard Core Licenses


MPN: 9EM-00124


Digital download, no hard copy will be shipped.

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Windows Server 2019 Standard Core Licenses

Windows Server 2019 Standard Core Licenses

Brand: Microsoft

Works On:

* The installation requires a minimum installation configuration. See System Requirements Icons

$ 129 .99
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MPN: 9EM-00124


Digital download, no hard copy will be shipped.

Windows Server 2019 Standard Core Licenses

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  • Windows Server 2019 Standard Core Licenses

    Windows Server 2019 Standard Core Licenses

    "Windows Server 2019 is the first version to skip the classic Release To Manufacturing (RTM) milestone and go directly to General Availability (GA). This change is motivated by the increasing popularity of virtual machines, containers, and deploying in the cloud. But it also means the hardware ecosystem hasn't had the chance to validate and certify systems or components before the release; instead, they start doing so today." -  Cosmos Darwin, a senior program manager on Microsoft's Core OS team

    Windows Server 2019 is available in three editions with these editions being:  Essentials, Standard and Datacenter versions. The new server operating system can also be downloaded from the Volume Licensing Service Center which can be accessed via the Windows Server licensees with Software Assurance coverage.

    It's also available for download by testers who may work at Microsoft's Evaluation Center. The download can be made from the Azure Marketplace for those deploying Windows Server 2019 on an Azure virtual machine.

    Various professional subscribers and partners, however, will have to wait to get the Windows Server 2019 bits.

    Window Sever 2019 Standard Edition
    Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition is one of the newest version of this powerful server. For Windows users, they will be able to change existing applications into cloud-ready solutions as well as helping developers to create new ones using containers and microservices.

    Nano Server focuses on:

    • Cloud applications that support C#
    • Java
    • Node.js
    • Python
    • Microsoft Cloud platform infrastructures

    Customer Feedback and Reviews

    Here is what some people are saying about this product:

    Easy Activation Process
    "I received this OEM DVD with product activation key very quickly after ordering. I had already installed Windows Server 2016 Standard with an evaluation ISO I downloaded from Microsoft. The main reason for purchasing this was to activate the product. The activation was successful and I now have a licensed Server 2016 OS. There were no funky scratch-offs; just open the cardboard envelope by prying up the red seal tape and then enter the product activation key found on the COA sticker within. Easy Peasy. Good transaction, good seller. Glad it was legitimate. Just do your homework on Windows Server 2016 OEM licensing and be aware of the restrictions before purchasing." - AndyC

    Installed Effortlessly
    "Installed on Dell PowerEdge T320 with PERC controller volumes. The Dell System Builder OS Pre-Install disc did not have an option for 2016, but luckily, I was able to upgrade 2008R2 to 2016 even though Microsoft claims there's no direct upgrade path. The 2008R2 installation was basic with no roles or added features and was not activated. The reason for the upgrade was because they could not locate their original media and the server had a 2012 COA." - Beedot

    "Unfortunately I did not research this product before buying. The software is usable only by a server manufacture. It is not like the OEM license that you can install on any machine. Although it does install, it can not be activated.

    From Microsoft

    DSP = "delivery service partners"

    OEI = "Original Equipment Installation" or "Organizational Environment Integration"

    Unfortunately I did not research this before purchasing, it is of no use to me." - Rus S.

    Works As Expected
    "While I can't speak for all of the items sold by this vendor, the OEI (same as OEM) Windows 2016 Server Standard they sent me is activated and functioning fine. In my case, I was even able to painlessly upgrade from Server 2016 Essentials (using the command line method)...which surprisingly worked, even though this is an OEI/OEM license." - Mark Hammer

    Great Job
    "Microsoft did a good job with it. I added Windows 7 style start button and it's perfect. As for VMs, I use VMWare for that, it's not really an issue for me. But it was too expensive for me so I searched around and bought one cheaper from Windows." - Sheen

  • • Trusted secure boot
    • Windows Defender protection
    • Shielded virtual machines
    • Host Guardian Services
    • Enhanced containers
    • Storage spaces direct
    • Hyper-V availability on Nano Server
    • Stretch clusters
    • Encrypted virtual machines and containers
    • Azure backup, storage, and site recovery
    • Azure active directory
    • Operations manager suite
    • Windows Server 2019 User/Device CALs

    Windows Server 2019 Licensing
    As with the Windows Server 2016, Microsoft licenses Windows Server 2019 by the physical core. The licenses are sold in two-packs as well as 16-packs. The Client Access Licenses (an additional cost) are required to support server connections, except when you are using the Essentials version.

    A datasheet on Windows Server 2019 licensing can also be downloaded from Licensing School in the U.K.-based consultancy on Microsoft licensing. It will keep a roster of such publications at this Licensing Guides page.

    According to a Licensing School announcement, Microsoft's datasheet:
    "confirms that there's a 10% price increase for Windows Server 2019 Standard Core licenses, and gives a nice overview of the Servicing Channels."

    In-Place Upgrades Supported
    For organizations who may be using Windows Server 2016, Microsoft does support "in-place upgrades" to Windows Server 2019; with this depending on the hardware requirements. An in-place upgrade replaces the underlying OS bits and is somewhat different from the traditional "wipe-and-replace" deployment approach.

    The in-place upgrade, though, should take place when the server is listed as certified in the Windows Server 2019 catalog, which Microsoft advised.

    On top of the Storage Spaces Direct and hyper-converged infrastructure, there has also been improvements in the Windows Server 2019; something that Microsoft announced. The Remote Desktop Services (RDS) 2019 role in the new server has now reached the general availability milestone.

    With RDS 2019, Microsoft is promising:
    "reduced network traffic and smooth video playback" due to improved graphics processing unit virtualization technologies. There's also better support for "video-intensive interactions."

    Windows Virtual Desktop is Microsoft's new virtual desktop infrastructure solution that uses Windows 10 instead of Windows Server. It became available as a preview with this week's release of Windows 10 version 1809, according to this IT pro blog post.

  •  These are minimum system requirements for installing Windows Server 2019 Standard Core Licenses 

    • Processor - 1.4 GHz 64-bit processor
    • RAM - 512 MB
    • Disk Space - 32 GB
    • Network - Gigabit (10/100/1000baseT) Ethernet adapter
    • Optical Storage - DVD drive (if installing the OS from DVD media)
    • Video - Super VGA (1024 x 768) or higher-resolution (optional)
    • Input Devices - Keyboard and mouse (optional)
    • Internet - Broadband access (optional)


  • 4.5 / 5.0


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